Meet the Staff

The proud members of the staff are (front row) Naomi Clendenning, Liam Glennon, Tigist Ficken, (back row) Nick Peotter and Ariana Sotelo.


My name is Naomi Clendenning and I am a junior here at SPASH. I love to travel and my passion is music. I play four instruments and I am in band and jazz band at SPASH. I am a human rights activist, LGTB+ activist, and a woman’s rights activist. A fun fact about me is that I have moved across the country twice in two years. My dream is to move out to California, become a lawyer, and adopt many dogs.



Hi! My name is Tigist Ficken. I was not planning on taking this class originally but after my schedule change, I need an English class to graduate so this one was the best option. Outside of school, I love the sport of soccer, so you might see me on the SPASH soccer team this year. I also love to watch movies, read, and go for hikes. I cannot wait to see what this class is all about and the knowledge I’ll gain from taking it!



My name is Liam Glennon, I am 17 years old and a junior. I have a great interest in music, outdoor activities, and politics. I would like to go UW–Eau Claire to either play or teach music. In my free time I participate in Boy Scouts and the orchestra in school musicals.



My name is Nick Peotter. I am a senior this year and I plan on going to UWSP. I enjoy spending a lot of time outside and getting lost in the woods. I live next to a farm in Town of Hull. I ride my motorcycle whenever the weather is good and I will drive around for the fun of it. I plan on living in Stuttgart, Germany in the not so far off future.



Hey folks! I am a senior and I am so excited to graduate. I plan on going to college and eventually doing something that involves working with people. I love Harry Potter, downhill skiing and music. I was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin but most of my family is from Mexico. My dream is to one day get my own theme song!