Your Future at Metro Market


Deacon Yang, Hour 5B


You may have shopped at or heard of a certain store called Metro Market. And you may have heard of or seen your classmates from SPASH working there, but for good reason. Metro Market is a great and comfortable place for any high school student to apply to work at. The working environment at Metro is safe and friendly, a perfect place for high school student to begin their job experience or reinforce it.

Feeding Futures

Metro Market believes in “feeding the future” of their associates. And they are confident with their statement: “Come for a job and stay for a career.” From the official site, Kroger associates are eligible to receive up to $3,500 annually towards tuition, with $500 upfront for testing and preparation fees, or school supplies. And participants can receive up to $21,000 over the course of their employment with Metro Market. This gives high school students a large incentive to work at Metro Market. Being eligible for any kind of scholarship is great for any student looking to further their education after high school. And this reimbursement of money towards education can be another of many ways a high school student can cut the costs of college or higher education. 


Another attraction to working at Metro Market is the already-employed associates. Many SPASH students already work at both the Plover and Stevens Point Metro Markets. This allows for ease of settling in for new employees. “I already knew a few people working there  and some of my closest friends had been working there before me, so learning the norms and vibe in the workplace was very easy and quick. I felt like I was accepted by all of my co-workers, ” says SPASH student and Metro Market employee Shade Kaiser. This acceptance of others and previous personal connections make Metro Market a comfortable place for students at SPASH to give a try. A great reason for working at Metro Market is the working environment that is set. In an interview with Tou Yeng Vang, another Metro Market employee said, “I enjoy my coworkers, we like to have fun and they are great company. They are also good at giving a helping hand when I need help with my work.” A good working environment with your co-workers can greatly benefit someone’s mood and subsequentially, their productivity. The working environment alone can be a great pull factor for someone to want to work at any place of employment.

Flexibility and Management

Along with great co-workers comes great management. Although sometimes management is like any other retail or fast food place, terrible. There are times when it is great. Managers and supervisors at Metro Market are aware and cautious about their employees and their availability. “Our supervisors are a bit of fun but also know how to keep their professionalism. The mix of two creates a great working environment,” says Shade Kaiser. In any environment, leaders and role models are the ones who set the tone for how the vibe. And when you have leaders who are fun and enjoyable but also hard-working and determined it leads to an environment that makes employees want to come back shift after shift

In general, high school students should try to get a job and earn that paycheck. Not just for the money but for the general job experience. It can have huge impacts on your life, such as tuition reimbursement and connections that can last a lifetime. And Metro Market is one of the best places for a high school student to begin.