An Explanation For Bad Reception


Mason Christie car in the SPASH parking lot

Mason Christie, Hour 1

Do you find yourself struggling to get reception, send a text, call or even use the internet at school? What if your school was using something to block the signal to your phone? Schools around the world have been implementing signal jammers to combat recent surges in cell phone usage. Signal jammers can cause much more harm than good, especially in public schools. 

What Do They Do?

You might be asking yourself what a signal jammer is. A signal jammer is a piece of electronic equipment developed by military and law enforcement in the 1950s. The jammer blocks the signal between cell towers and cell phones. Jammers stop radio frequencies in the given area creating a traffic jam blocking all signals, stopping calls and texts well in the range of the jammer. Signal jammers are also very hard to find and detect as you need military-grade radar gear to locate the signal. 

Why Are They Illegal?

Signal jammers are illegal in most of the world including the U.S., It is also illegal to sell, advertise or distribute jammers. U.S. law states, Fines for a first offense can range from $11,000 for every violation or even imprisonment. 

Signal jammers cut off all contact with emergency services making it impossible to reach 9-1-1 or family members in case of emergencies. Students at SPASH were not able to call or text their parents during the false threat in October. Sam Zuege SPASH junior says ”No I called my Mom…it didn’t even ring, it was just connecting the entire time. I tried texting but noticed it wouldn’t go through.” SPASH seniors Dylan M, Josh D, and Dawson T all report having to drive as far as Zenoff Baseball Park to get a signal to call their parents. Proposing the question, does SPASH use one? 

Does SPASH Use One? 

Many students report losing signal when getting close to SPASH most report losing signal when they get in the parking lot but other students and I lose signal as far as north second st and North Point Dr. Sam Zuege SPASH junior Says “…I don’t get signal within like a block… [of] SPASH.” As many students get poor reception or report no signal at all in or surrounding SPASH that leads to the suspicion of a signal jammer being used. 

When Interviewing SPASH Officials like Chris Haka Dean of Students and Brent Gostomski Vice Principal, claims of using a signal jammer were denied. Chris Haka Dean Of Students on if SPASH uses a signal jammer “ No, No not to my knowledge, or at least they haven’t told me” When asked about the poor signal in SPASH he agreed but pointed out that “SPASH is a concrete building with concrete walls inside more concrete walls sometimes in more walls.“ Even though there’s a large number of students who believe SPASH might be doing something to interrupt their signal there are no sure signs that point to them doing so, and without very expensive equipment you wouldn’t be able to know for sure. In turn we can conclude that SPASH doesn’t use a signal jammer 


Signal Jammers do not belong in SPASH or any school they cause much more harm than they would good. Signal jammers completely cut off contact with parents or emergency services. If students were in danger or needed to call their parents they would be unable. The School would be going above the law if they were to try implementing them in SPASH, Lucky that is not something we have to worry about.