Tripledemic Viruses


Blai Day Yang, Hour 5B

Have you or someone you know been sick so far this year? About almost everyone knows that when winter pays a visit, so does influenza, which is also known as the flu. Many people have been visiting the hospital because they think they caught the flu, but what if it wasn’t the flu they caught? What if it was the tripledemic? We might need to start wearing masks again to protect ourselves and those around us.

Tripledemic What?

Only a few people have heard of the tripledemic viruses. But those who haven’t probably question what it is. Well according to some articles in the New York Times, the tripledemic is the name experts give in replace of three different types of diseases. These three diseases are known as the coronavirus, influenza, and the respiratory syncytial virus (R.S.V.) all combined together. 

The tripledemic alone and together are causing a lot of sicknesses and even death. “Rates of Covid-19, flu and R.S.V. ‘may be more “intense or a little bit less intense in some part of the country, but really the entire country is being affected,’ said Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine,” says Smith. All these diseases are a high risk for those who are older than the age of 65, pregnant women, and people with a pre-existing condition such as heart disease, along with diabetes, lung disease, etc. 

Influenza Virus

Influenza is a very common illness, it also is easily spread to others around you. With just a cough, sneeze, talking, etc. those around you can easily get sick. The flu has kicked in earlier than usual, and it’s expected to grow.

 “The Centers for Disease Control [also known as the C.D.C.] and Prevention estimate that there have already been 15 million illnesses [150,000 hospitalizations] and 9,300 deaths from flu this season, and those numbers are expected to rise in the coming month,” says Smith. The flu viruses had made millions of people sick every winter and also killed thousands of people. Just about 64% of adults that is 65 and older and for the children, only about 46 % had received the flu vaccine.


It may be surprising but, because of covid, we learned how to mask up and stay distant from others we know and don’t know for safety. “Just 36 percent of people 65 and older have gotten an update Covid-19 booster this fall, and the rates are lower for all younger age group,” said Amy Walker. Many might think that the coronavirus is no longer around but it is. This time not only is it alone, but it goes around with the flu and R.S.V. As of now, it may seem like covid illness is lower but it is making its way back up. 

Respiratory Syncytial

Respiratory Syncytial also known as R.S.V. This virus had made many young children ill this fall and in total. Amy Walker said, “R.S.V. hospitalizations for older adults are also far higher than recorded at this time of year in past seasons,” R.S.V. hasn’t only put people in hospital but according to the New York Times, it has caused approximately 14,000 death in adults of age 65 and up, but about 300 deaths for children under the age of 5 each year. R.S.V. can be spread through contact from sneezing and coughing. Unfortunately, unlike some other flu, R.S.V. doesn’t have a vaccine. 

The Help From Masks

Many people dislike masks. Many are forced to wear them. Others wear them to protect themselves. Some wear them when they go out, some don’t. Mask gets in some people’s way and they dislike it but they do it for their safety.

Experts think we should now start wearing masks again now that the tripledemic is here. But can they force people to? Not really. But what can a mask really help you with? According to the New York Times masks helps you from touching your face, and protect you and others that are around you. Not only that, the mask also protects you against viruses. Keeping yourself clean is another way to stay safe and healthy from all the viruses, just like washing your hands. 

All over the world people are sick. To keep us from being sick we must help ourselves and those around us stay safe and protected. Winter is still for a while, which means these illnesses can get worse. Help protect yourself and those around you.