Madam President


Picture edit by Rosabelle featuring Agent Kowalski.

Rosabelle Thor, Hour 1

Some people may describe this person as a hard worker, high achieving student, a woman of action. A person who’s ready to show the world what she’s made of.Taylen Kowalski, a 17 years old senior at SPASH. If you’ve ever seen her around it’s probably by the business & marketing area holding a can of Alani. She’s involved & holds important roles in her clubs, she’s one out of six officers in FCCLA and president of FBLA. Here’s 3 reasons why you should get to know Taylen Kowalski

Reason #1  She’s a Little Smart… Except in Math. 

Taylen has consistently shown her ability in accomplishing goals and giving her 100% in all the things she does. Mr. Gust, a business & marketing teacher who’s known Taylen for nearly two years now has said, “Taylen is a student who’s always been engaged… I got to see a high effort student that was passionate about the work she completed.” She may not be an A student in math but she was always there trying to help me with my math that was worse. If she’s ever in your class try and take advantage of her kindness with something you might be struggling academically. It can be as small as an email or a peer review. I personally ask help from her all the time even when we’re not in the same classes. Nora Mcguire, a student and best friend of 3 years, has said, “Taylen is a hard worker, I would say she helps a lot of people out. She really helps me out with any homeworker even though she doesn’t need to. “ 

Reason #2 The Only Therapist You Need

Taylen is a good friend, listener, and can help talk through your problems. Much like a therapist she’s someone who can help organize & sort your thoughts. Mr Pohlkamp, a business teacher at SPASH says, “Taylen is a phenomenal student and person. Every day I walk into class she always has a positive attitude and a glowing smile.” He often enjoys their daily conversation which includes energy drinks she has everyday. Taylen is really easy to talk to, it doesn’t matter what topic it is, she can carry a conversation. In a previous interview with Mr.Gust he explains how Taylen gets along with everyone and how it’s easy to form relationships with her.

Reason #3 She’s kinda cool, I guess.

Taylen has always been a great company whether it’s at school or anywhere else. The times that are spent together are fun and humorous, cracking jokes where she is. Nora’s favorite memory with Taylen is when they got locked out of their car in the Walmart parking lot. She says, “I have a lot of good memories with Taylen and most of them are small things we’ve done along the way.” 

Your New Best Friend

In conclusion these are the three main reasons why you should be best friends with The Taylen Kowalski, AKA Agent Kowalski. Taylen is not just a good friend but someone you can rely on as a person. A good metaphor that would describe her would be a rock because she will be there to support everything you do.