Youth Apprenticeship Really Help You With After High School Life

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Natalie Cisewski, Hour 2

Have you thought about what you are going to do after high school? Are you maybe confused with knowing what you want to do? Well then maybe you should go on down to the career center and make a appointment with Mrs.Altman-Austin to see if you would like to join a youth apprenticeship. The youth apprenticeship program is very easy to do and is very helpful for after high school plans. It really helps you step in the right direction. 

What do I need to know about Youth Apprenticeships?

So first things first if you are looking for a job and are unsure what you might want to do, you should stop in the career center. When you stop in the career center be sure to make an appointment with Mrs.Altman-Austin. If you are wondering what kinda of jobs are offered. There are many jobs in the trades, CNA jobs, cooking, etc; just be sure to ask Mrs.Altman-Austin and she will make sure to set you up with a job. Do not feel afraid to ask if she doesn’t mention it. 

How Helpful Are Youth Apprenticeships?

Youth apprenticeships are very helpful not only to students but also to employers. As Katrina Cisewski a student who continued her youth apprenticeship even after she graduated says “I think the program really helped me explore my options for my after-school life.” She also shared “I knew I always wanted to be a welder but I was scared that maybe it wasn’t the right fit for me, but after joining a YA I realized that’s what I want to do after high school”. This is saying that when she joined the YA program it really helped her figure out her after-high school plans. Which I feel is like for a lot of people. 

As I was speaking to Nick Cisewski a superintendent at Ellis construction he stated “It is very helpful to have YAs but sometimes it can be stressful because they are not fully trained on how to do everything. And it’s pretty stressful making them a schedule during the school year… but it is also a great learning experience for them to see what real-world jobs are like.” In other words, YAs are very helpful to the students and to the company. 

What skills do you get from joining a youth apprenticeship?

Not only do you learn good communication skills but you will be working with a lot of different people. But you will also gain time management skills because if you are working after school you will be learning how to balance work life and school life. Which is a very important skill to have when you join the real-world workforce. It also can get you out of your comfort zone, as I was talking to Katrina she was saying how she used to be a shy person and didn’t like talking to new people but after being forced to talk to people to complete her job she got out of her comfort zone. This is a really great skill for after high school because you will be meeting a lot of new people. 

So overall joining a youth apprenticeship really helps you with your after-high school life and getting a real-world job. It is also a way to get out of your comfort zone.