Planet fitness can be one of the worst and best gyms in the world.


the outside of Planet fitness.

Chase Haferman, Hour 5B

While Planet tries to make a non-judgemental place for people to work they end up being the ones judging who is allowed in. Some Planet Fitness locations can be great at catering to the consumers wants and needs. While others can be greedy and very harsh with many ridiculous rules and regulations to use their gym.

What’s planets deal?

Planet fitness tries to keep a non-judgmental establishment but in order to do so, they must judge others instead. On their own website Planet fitness “At Planet Fitness, we’re here to provide a unique environment in which anyone – and we mean anyone – can be comfortable. A diverse, Judgement Free Zone.” Clearly they want everyone to feel welcome, especially beginners. But they won’t hesitate to kick you out if you appear to be more experienced than other people. Dylan Wells commented in SunnyV2’s How planet fitness became hated by the world video “I went to planet fitness as a joke with one of my friends because your first day you get to test out and I was deadlifting 360 on the smith machine… and the manager kicked me out because I was “noticeably stronger… and creating an intimidating atmosphere.” So keeping this philosophy of a judge free means you’re willing to keep out any people serious about exercising.

More rules

The inside of Planet fitness.

On top of the judgmental attitude, Planet fitness has many strict and unfair rules. [By Planet Fitness® definition, a Lunk® is one who exhibits behaviors that work against our Judgement Free® atmosphere. Lunk-like actions are often intimidating to most members who just want to get in a good workout. While we welcome everyone, we are built on the premise of no intimidation. Lunk-like actions include behaviors such as: grunting, dropping weights, showcasing and judging.]  This is a dangerous concept because everyone that goes into the building has to worry about a loud siren like alarm in the middle of their workout. Which can cause sprains or even broken bones. Not only does Planet fitness impose many restrictions on how you may use their facility. But they also try to scam you while trying to make something simple as canceling a membership so complicated. SunnyV2 in his video says “If you want to cancel your membership. There are massive fees involved as well as other small charges that force you to spend more money before you officially leave.” They also try to make it so most people can’t even be bothered to come in and cancel a membership when it is only $10 a month.

Is there any good?

While planet fitness can be incredibly greedy and hypocritical it largely depends on if your franchised or have a good person in charge. Annina Lecapitaine a 11th grade SPASH student says she never knew any kind of rumors or stereotypes about Planet fitness and has a very good time when she visits. This shows that your experience largely depends on which Planet fitness you go to. Although there are some good Planet fitness locations, it doesn’t change the fact that they have all of these ridiculous rules that some places enforce.

Planet fitness has shown to be another large industry that has a lot of corporate greed. But it has also shown that it can be a very great place to start your fitness journey. So in the end it becomes a gamble whether or not you may have a good time.