Winters in Wisconsin

The peaks and the falls


Taken in Stevens Point, Wisconsin after big snowfall @ Zenoff Park. Personal Photo: LG

Lily Garcia, Hour 5B

There is nothing quite like a Winter in Wisconsin. With our extreme temperature drops, heavy snowfall, icy roads and wind chill, you might not ever want to visit Wisconsin in the winter. Although, we have many activities and attractions to offer that makes our miserable winters bearable. It’s been a long while that Wisconsin has been known for their whittling winters with an average temperature ranging from an average of 24-20, dropping below freezing. Wisconsin is full of anything and everything associated with the winter season. From the good of winter activities and scenery to the bad weather. We have local trails, slopes, and sights to see. You’ll be winning with a winter in Wisconsin.


The winter months while in high school make it hard to do the usual, yet it gives us more to do on the daily. From needing to figure out time management due to road conditions, including the parking lot usually not being plowed, to keep tardies down to a minimum and staying as healthy as possible. From my survey with 72 responses from SPASH students, about 70 of them say that at some point they have time management issues. With 54 saying yes and 16 sometimes, their answers all stem from the issues of needing to brush off your car in the morning and remembering to leave earlier is one of the hardest managements. Having terrible road conditions in the morning and then making it to an un-plowed parking lot adds to it . The tardies during the winter season play off of time management, 27 students say they do receive more tardies and 31 say they do not. The reason for more tardies can be unexpected road conditions, when coming back from lunch or releasing the kicker is the parking lot, being packed with snow and students. Here in Wisconsin, it’s not hard to catch a cold, the flu or any other sickness during this time. Adding on the fact that we have a plethora of students here at SPASH, which means more germs to contract and spread. Receiving a result of 28 yes and 33 no for if the students attendance falls during the winter months, while 10 see no change to their attendance. One student added that they do get sick a lot more as well. 


Wisconsin as a state has some heavy downfalls to our overall wonderful winters.With Wisconsin having the rank of the 5th most miserable winter in the whole U.S, from a Thrillist ranking of the states winters. Having to do hard labor in these winter conditions, must be a huge downfall for the season. A discussion with my brother, Alex gave insight to the world of outdoor workers during winter seasons in Wisconsin. He has never experienced other winter conditions with being a resident of Wisconsin all 21 years of his life. When starting his job in masonry about 2 years ago, he saw more of a Wisconsin winter even after all his years here. I asked his thoughts on if this winter is the ‘worst’ we’ve had in Wisconsin. Alex said probably not, he recalls one or two winters ago when the roads almost completely froze over because of extreme rainfall which he did have to work in once or twice.

For the broader spectrum of Wisconsin residents, everyone still experiences the frigid temperatures, winds and weather which is talked about in the article, “Wisconsin Winters are the 5th ‘most miserable’ in America. With Wisconsin’s sub-zero, wind-whipping and snow-filled winter season, this is no surprise and the  average temperatures of 24 degrees in December, 20 in January and 25 for February, according to the National Weather Service. Along with there being an average of 40 to 50 inches of snowfall in south-central and 100 to 125 inches in up-North Wisconsin. So stay safe out there when you are soaking up all the winter fun Wisconsin has to offer. 


Winters in Wisconsin may be worth it to you when there is good that comes from the bad. We have all of the winter wants and needs with the basic childhood favorites and fun outdoor activities. Wisconsin holds the best attractions for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and our favorite tobogganing. One that all can enjoy is the beautiful scenery that is present day in and day out during winter in Wisconsin. One of the biggest enjoyments of the wintertime for SPASH students is the immense snowfall we have here in our town, Stevens Point. The survey receiving 72 responses included answers from students that portrayed the love for simple childhood favorites. Ranging from them enjoying snowmen and sledding, drinking hot chocolate to snowball fights, having snow on Christmas and the snow days that gave us the gift of missing school sometimes. Another favorite amongst the SPASH crowd is the beauty winter brings in. With the snow falling from the sky and how pretty the trees are covered in snow. There was a deeper look into different forms of beauty like how the winter allows for greater sleep as it highlights the warmth of your bed in contrast with the cold weather. 

Turning to one of the biggest wintertime attractions for Wisconsin, which is winter activities. Our town holds a great place for sledding, tobogganing and snowshoeing for the whole family. At Iverson park there are some winding trails that are available to all, bring a sled to enjoy the hills, snowshoes, or you can enjoy the tobogganing ride they have to offer. All of Wisconsin holds attractions just like this, as mentioned in the article, “ Winter in Wisconsin ”, there are over 500 miles of trails for outside snowmobiling in the city of Eagle River. More from “Winter in Wisconsin”, is the unbelievable ice castles made of thousands of icicles sculpted together located in Lake Geneva and you wouldn’t want to miss more natural ice sculptures and frozen caves over at Cave Point County park in Door County. Closing with a place that gathers the skiers, snowshoes and snowboarders on some gentle or challenging trails. Granite peak at Rib Mountain State park. This place has snow making technology that allows the park to offer their winter fun for six months.


Diving deep into all aspects of a Wisconsin winter, really gave hundreds of reasons to love the wintertime and provided ways to get outside and enjoy it. Even though the weather here may be horrid and cons really make a snow pile, there is so much to know and learn about winters in Wisconsin. It holds all your winter wishes of snowfall, snow angels and hot chocolate. While also providing all the beloved attractions for snow activities and outdoor adventures that the whole family can love and enjoy during a winter season in Wisconsin.