Do You Like To Write Poems?

Andrew Bostwick

Do you like to write poems?

Do you like to solve quadratic equations?

Do you like to calculate your student debt?

Do you like to feel insignificant to your peers?

Do you like to feel inferior to someone because of how they look and not who they are?

Do you like to feel dependent on the outcome of your grades to feel significant?

Do you like to see yourself fail?

Do you like it when the rooms are filled with a deafening silence the split second after a teacher asks a question?

Do you like the stares and judgment of the people you once bonded with to suddenly laugh and humiliate you for getting the answer wrong to a question they were all too afraid to say?

Do you like to be glared at after building up the courage to walk into a class you’re behind in and would rather skip. 

But you have to stay now.

Do you like to communicate to your teacher about why you’re behind and the things you’re doing to get caught up, only to be dismissed immediately or be told “Well if you would’ve checked the daily schedule”.

Is the only time you feel heard when you’re getting told to pull your life back together, or being told you’re doing something wrong?

Do you like to feel helpless?

Do you like to feel unseen?

Do you like to feel unheard?

Do you like to feel insignificant?

Do you like to feel like you don’t matter?

Does it make you want to scream?

Does it make you want to cry?

Does it feel good to smash those drums boy?

Does it give you a piece of that control

That respect

That appreciation

That you can never quite grasp?

Does it make it all worth it?

Let me know how I should feel being so alone.

Let me know how I should feel knowing how little it all matters.

All I want to hear is someone say

“Yeah I like to write poems too”