What Activities Can We Do in Winter?

Ariana Meza Aguilar, Hour 2

Wisconsin is a state where you can enjoy all four seasons of the year; however, the longest is in winter. Winter is a great and beautiful season, seeing how the snow covers everything like a fluffy white blanket is beautiful. But many people do not like winter so much. Many families run away from the cold when winter comes and go to warm states. Sometimes, the best way to travel in winter is not to run away from the cold but to take advantage of it. In winter, there are many activities that can be done in the company of family, friends, or alone. In this season there are activities for everyone since you can do activities outside but if you don’t like to spend a lot of time in the cold there are also activities that you can do inside.

Activities That You Can Do in the Snow 

Ms. White, an English teacher at SPASH, tells us “I really need cold and snow for my activities”. Many people like Mrs. White love winter because only in this season they can do their favorite activities. Winter has unique activities since only in this season we can have snow. That is why I bring you a list of activities that you can do outside this winter:

  • The most popular activities that you can do outdoors in winter are skiing and snowboarding, although there isn’t a ski area in Stevens Point. The closest we can find is Granite Peak in Wausau, it is a 37-minute drive away, and according to its website, its opening hours are from 9 am to 9 pm.
  • Sledding, according to the Stevens Point website, has two local sledding hills that we can go visit, Iverson Park and Stockton Park.
  • Snowmobiling, “Wisconsin has many beautiful snowmobile trails to ride.” says Ms. Dulak, an English teacher at SPASH. That’s completely true as Stevens Point alone has over 300 miles of scenic, groomed snowmobile trails perfect for any snowmobile enthusiast. 
  • In Stevens Point, you can ice skate outdoors at Goerke Park or Iverson Park, but also indoors at K.B. Willett Ice Arena. Willet offers “Learn to Skate” programs and public skate times – which require an admission fee.
  • For cross-country skiing, Stevens Point has many routes that you can do in addition to Iola Winter Sports Club (IWSC) which offers two cross-country ski programs for area youth grades 5-12. 

Activities You Can Do Inside 

Although it is very fun to do outdoor activities when there is snow, in winter we will not always have snow days. Sometimes we have very high temperatures that mean that we cannot spend much time outdoors. Here is a good list of activities that we can do inside.

Mrs. Dulak tells us; “I feel that outdoor activities are limited…it is also a good time to enjoy some indoor activities.” This is completely true, winter can be a great opportunity for us to spend more time with our families. Some of the activities we can do are go see a movie, solve a puzzle, play video games or board games, bake or cook, read a book or go bowling.

The Bad Thing About Winter

In winter there are days when we have extreme weather where we cannot go out. Many times these storms can cause power outages, or cause the roads to be covered with snow or ice, which can cause many traffic accidents.

This season is characterized by short days and long nights. Many people in winter feel sad or tired because of this, some believe that this feeling is normal but this has to do with SAD seasonal affective disorder. According to the Mayo Clinic, this disorder is “a type of depression related to seasonal changes” many times this can cause problems sleeping, lack of appetite, weight loss, and isolation, so it is good to consult a doctor if these symptoms are very consistent.

In summary, Winter is a great and beautiful season, seeing the snow fall and the trees full of snow is just beautiful, but some people don’t like winter. Many families run away from winter when this season comes because they don’t know what activities to do or just do not like to spend a lot of time in the cold. However, in winter we can do many outdoor activities such as snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowball fights, and creating a snowman or snow angel. These activities can be done outdoors, but if you are a person who likes to be next to the fireplace and not outside feeling cold, activities like watching movies, playing board games, reading books, making desserts, among others, are for you. All these activities are for you. You can do it with family, friends or alone, the great thing is that you can choose!