Tips For Staying Focused

Tips For Staying Focused

Nco Xiong, Hour 5B

Do you or someone you know have trouble staying focused in class or outside of school? Here are some tips that can help you improve your focus during class or anything else outside of class.

One Task at a Time

One way that can help you stay focused is to work on one thing at a time. William Yang, a student from SPASH says “Keep your phone off and focus on the task at hand,” which is a good way to help you focus because phones can be distracting if turned on and it can pull you away from what you’re doing. Another way to help is to stay focused on yourself, Winston Ho a SPASH senior mentions “I keep my mind out of people’s business or I don’t focus on other people around me and keep focus on the task at hand.” This is also a way to stay focused by paying attention to the task and not focusing on other people around you. These are some ways that can help you focus more during class.

Taking Breaks

In addition to this another way to help you is to take breaks Winston says Take a small break example like bathroom, drink water, or take a breather.” These are really good ways that can help because taking breaks can help feel more loose and more relaxed which can help improve your focus and concentration towards the assignment.

Remove Distractions

Next, we have is to remove distractions like physical fidgets or your phone because they can take away your attention very easily which can cause you to be distracted for long periods of time but by removing distractions you are able to work harder on the assignment because it can help your mind pay more attention to it which can help finish it faster.

Finally, these are some ways to help you stay focused better but it depends on who you are because everyone has different ways to stay focus like listening to music. Overall it depends on the person.