TXT: A Voice for Youth


TXT at Disneyland for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Photo Credit: https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/bts-j-hope-txt-wow-at-dick-clarks-new-years-rockin-eve-5-highlights-from-their-stages-1205286

Mallory Wanta, Hour 5B

Has music ever impacted you in a major way? Is there a song that has a special place in your heart? A group called Tomorrow X Together makes sure to put relatable messages in their songs. Tomorrow X Together (TXT) is a K-pop group that debuted on March 4, 2019. Their group name means that the members come together to help build a better tomorrow. In other words, they want their music to help people through difficult times and get into a better place. TXT consists of 5 members: Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and HueningKai. Their ages range from 20 to 23. TXT’s music brings youth together and helps them feel seen.

Bringing People Together

TXT during their encore for Act: Lovesick World Tour. Photo Credit: “TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s ACT: LOVE SICK world tour report”

Over the past year, TXT has performed at many places and made an impact with their music. In 2022, the group had their highly anticipated world tour called Act: Lovesick. According to the Weverse Magazine article, “TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s ACT: LOVE SICK world tour report,” the tour was in Korea, the USA, Japan, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Manila. They have fans all around the world, which allows them to perform in different places.

Jason Wanta, a listener of TXT who went to this tour, talked about his experience, “It was positive and surprising. … Most of the concerts I’ve been to were stationary, they [the music artists] stay in the same place. TXT’s concert had more dancing.” For many of their songs, TXT has intricate choreography that they do while singing. This can capture the audience’s attention better than a singer who stands in one place. 

The previously mentioned Weverse Magazine article also stated that before leaving the US, TXT performed at the music festival, Lollapalooza. They also attended the AMAs for the first time the same year. If you watched 2022’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, you might have seen them perform in Disneyland. 

TXT at the end of their performance for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Photo Credit: TXT’s Offical Twitter

When asked about his thoughts on TXT’s attendance at these major events, Jason Wanta stated, “It shows that they [TXT] are getting beyond their audience they are used to … I think it’s good that the music industry is opening up more to diverse artists because I would not have known about them otherwise.” This shows the importance of diverse artists having more exposure in the music industry.

So, what is making them gain this popularity to attend these famous shows?

To put it simply, their music and the messages they put out. In the article, “TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s HUENINGKAI on Defining the Next Generation of K-Pop,” conducted by Manfred Lu, a writer for Men’s Folio, HueningKai of TXT said,

We try our best to tell ‘our’ story through our songs and performances. There are so many talented artists in the music industry, but I feel like our group shines most when we sing about our own experiences and the meanings of growing up in today’s world. We want people to hear our music and relate to them. It’s what we stand for. 

In other words, TXT wants to tell their stories and talk about how the world is. They want people to feel heard and comforted by their music and messages.

Their songs make people feel good. Jason Wanta states that “Even if a song doesn’t have a positive meaning it is usually on a positive note. Even in the one where they drive off the cliff [the music video for “LO$ER=LOVER”], you don’t feel the negativity, you feel like they are coming together as friends and family.” This shows that TXT always tries to spread positivity.

The Dream Chapter 

The Dream Chapter trilogy (Top- The Dream Chapter: Star. Left- The Dream Chapter: Magic. Right- The Dream Chapter: Eternity). Photo Credit: Mallory Wanta

TXT’s first trilogy of albums, The Dream Chapter, discusses the ups and downs of friendship. Their debut mini-album, The Dream Chapter: Star, is about finding people who understand you and the impact they can have. It has a very youthful, even childish at times, sound overall. 

Their promoted track, “Crown,” sounds very bright, even though its meaning is dark. The song is about growing pains and starting to accept yourself with the help of another person. To dive into TXT’s message, we will look at translatingtxt’s lyric translations, whose whole account is dedicated to translating TXT related content.

The first line of the song, “You that’s blankly looking at me in the mirror is not me,” shows that as you grow up and change, it is hard to recognize who you’ve become. Everyone is a totally different person when they were younger compared to the present.

TXT uses a lot of creative symbolism in their lyrics to get their message across in a new, creative way, “Maybe you’re a saviour that found me who was thrown away. Maybe your wings are the same pain as mine.” The wings symbolize growing pains. This savior with wings makes the members not feel alone. In addition, they realize they aren’t the only ones suffering. This shows listeners that there is always someone out there who shares the same difficulties as you, you are never truly alone. 

Having a person who understands can help you process your experiences. In the chorus, TXT sings, “Horns are growing from my head, but I love it. You become my crown.” The horns symbolize the same thing as the wings, growing pains. The members have finally accepted themselves for who they are.

In the next song, “Cat & Dog,” TXT goes back to the energetic, bright sound as heard before. There are hip-hop elements in this song. The vocals are obviously autotuned, however, I think it fits the vibe of the song. It is about being smitten and puppy love. When I first heard this song, I wasn’t a fan and thought it was weird. As I listened to it more, it grew on me. According to Kelly Chojnacki, “Cat & Dog” is one of her favorite TXT songs because “it is fun.” This song doesn’t take itself seriously. 

This mini album ends with “Nap of a Star,” which is a slow, dreamy song. The instrumental is simple, laidback, and different from the rest of the mini album. The group misses someone who was a big part of their life, “I’m scared that we’ll forget like this. Even the magical moments, the night sky that I walked with you. That it might just disappear like a dream.” This shows that they are afraid of forgetting this person as time passes.

After their first music release, TXT put out their first full album called The Dream Chapter: Magic.  It gives me nostalgia as I became a fan during this time. This album talks a lot about growing up, which young people can relate to.

The opening song of the album is “New Rules,” which sounds playful yet chic. At the beginning and end of the song, the members speak softly, almost like a whisper. This is one of the songs that got me into TXT, so it is one of my favorites. The group discusses going against society and doing things how they want to, “Break open my transparent shackles and make new rules.” They feel constrained by society’s rules, so they decide to make their own and be free

In addition, TXT questions the listener when they sing, “The common sense that you like. Who’s common sense is that? Did you get verified? From a master or a doctor? The common sense that I make … I like it. I hold the handle”. In other words, what is the reason behind society’s common sense and why it’s the ‘right’ way? Making up your own rules to follow helps you feel more in control of life.

The promoted track for this album is “Runaway.” This song sounds magical, like something from Harry Potter. I especially love the instrumental in the introduction of the song. While it is upbeat, the song is about being unhappy about life and wanting to escape from reality.

The first lyrics set the tone and clearly show the message, “It feels like everyone is happy except me. It hurts more when I laugh than when I cry. Even though I try to suppress, endure every day, it doesn’t work.” The song mentions a tunnel that takes you to a place without pain and suffering, “When we pass through this tunnel and open our eyes, our dreams become reality.” This means they would be able to do anything and feel free from the real world.

This album ends with the hip-hop song “Angel or Devil.” This song is for the indecisive people out there as the song is about having a hard time deciding what the right choice is. The members sing about the difficulty of choosing, “Black or white, pick a color. It’s harder than studying.” Black and white are often associated with good and evil. They are trying to decide what to do, but it is exhausting.

The Dream Chapter: Eternity ends the trilogy with growing distant from your friends and seeing them become almost strangers. This mini-album has some sounds and genres that TXT hasn’t done before, so it is a nice addition to their discography. It has a darker feeling than their previous albums, which fits the overall theme of this album.

“Can’t You See Me” is the promoted track that sounds dark and even a little creepy at times. The group discusses feeling like friends have turned their back on them, “I hope it’s just a painful dream … Return me to your side again.” The members wish this wasn’t actually happening. They just want their friends back in their lives. I feel like this song is relatable because most people have lost a friend.

TXT wrote about their struggles before debuting as a group in the song “Maze in the Mirror.” There is a guitar in the instrumental that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Sometimes it was so hard that they felt like giving up, “I surrender in front of the mirror again. It’s too dark here.”

“PUMA” is one of Jason Wanta’s favorite songs by TXT, “PUMA is one of the first [TXT songs] I heard and I like the dance moves in the video.” This song has a dark, rough sound. It is about becoming an adult and having conflicting feelings about it.

Eternally is the last track on the mini album. This song is super unique and interesting to me. It is very slow and relaxing, but the chorus switches to something fast-paced and dark. It is surprising and not something you hear very often, so I recommend people check it out. This song is about being stuck in the past because of a mistake you made. The members long for people to come back into their life. People can relate to this song because everyone has made mistakes in their lives. 

minisode 1: Blue Hour

Image of minisode 1: Blue Hour. Photo Credit: Mallory Wanta

The next installment of TXT’s story, minisode 1: Blue Hour, is about having to face abrupt changes in your life. They released this mini album in 2020, which I think was a perfect time because Covid-19 made people feel uncertain and wary.

The first track, “Ghosting,” is about the feeling of being ghosted. The instrumental is sad but hopeful. In addition, it sounds vintage. During the bridge, the members sing, “To be honest, I know as well. ‘No answer’ that is the answer. I can’t get used to this, the fact that I’m alone.” Even though you know this person will never talk to you again, it is still too difficult to accept.

“Blue Hour,” the promoted track, is another upbeat song with a darker meaning behind it. Blue hour is after sunset and before sunrise. This disco-influenced song is about wanting to freeze the moment and stay there forever. This is relatable because people want to stay happy and not have to deal with the responsibilities of life.

Covid-19 made everyone around the world feel isolated and crave the times before the pandemic. This is exactly what “We Lost the Summer” is about. This song directly addresses how Covid-19 was affecting teenagers. It is about feeling like you lost precious time because of the circumstances. The members compare summer to the time before Covid-19 and winter to the time with Covid-19. This song has tropical influences to remind the listener of summer. 

The chorus addresses how we lost time with each other because of the pandemic, “Cause we lost the summer. When we lost each other. Give me back the season. … An eternal winter. Now I just miss ya. Give me back ‘us’” In other words, the pandemic and isolation made us feel ‘cold’ and lonely.

TXT brings up thoughts numerous people were thinking during this time. “I hide my sigh behind this stuffy mask. I hate my face without expression,” this lyric discusses how masks made it harder to express ourselves. “This nightmarish week, now a month, a year. I want to meet you again, our summer that was shining,” this references how we all thought covid would quickly go away, however, it did not. It reminds me of when school was closed for a week in March because of covid, but then it turned into the rest of the school year.

The Chaos Chapter

The Chaos Chapter duology (Left- The Chaos Chapter: Freeze. Right- The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape). Photo Credit: Mallory Wanta

The Chaos Chapter duology is about realizing your struggles and loving someone who helps you through this time.

The Chaos Chapter: Freeze is my favorite album of 2021. It contains some of my favorite TXT songs.

“Anti-Romantic” is an electronic pop song. In this song, the group discusses feeling like love will only end in heartbreak, so they are scared of getting into a relationship. However, they learn that someone likes them and are hesitant to like them back. Numerous people have experienced heartbreak and are afraid to get into a new relationship.

In the chorus, the members apologize to the person that likes them, “Sorry I’m an anti-romantic. I don’t trust it anymore, romantic. That my heart will all burn away and only black soot will be left. I’m afraid” In other words, they think the relationship will end badly and make them feel terrible again.

“0x1=Lovesong (I Know I Love You)” is one of my favorite title tracks of TXT’s. It is a pop-rock song about falling in love with someone that makes your life better. This is heard in the first verse, “My life before you was a mess. Always, a chess game that I couldn’t win even once,” which shows that their life was arduous before meeting this person. They felt like there were no good moments.

Another lyric shows how important this person is to them, “At the bottom of the abyss you were gold that uniquely shone. Now I can’t stop thinking ‘bout you.” This means that even though the members’ lives were terrible, this person was the light in the dark to them. This made the person mean a lot to them.

The last track of the album is “Frost.” It is my favorite song on the album and maybe even of all their songs. This is a dark and almost aggressive song with a lot of emotion. This song is about going crazy from loneliness and not being able to express yourself.

The members use vocal fry in the chorus when they sing, “My lips have frozen shut. It lingers at the tip of my tongue. Even if I call that name, only a cold breath.” Their mouths being frozen shut symbolizes how they can’t express themselves and feel stuck.

The next album, The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape, is a repackaged album that includes all songs from The Chaos Chapter: Freeze. It adds two new songs and one remix. While there isn’t much of a difference, I still think it is a nice addition to TXT’s discography.

“LO$ER=LOVER” is another pop-rock song. The group admits that they are struggling, but bear it to be with this person, “My hand that holds yours only has wounds. It doesn’t matter when I’m with you.” This song is about being so in love with someone that you will help and do anything for them.

The other new song on this album is “MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari).” While the title may seem a little weird at first, there is meaning behind it. This is a song TXT wrote for their fans, who they call MOA (Moments of Alwaysness). It discusses their journey with their fans.  In addition, they talk about covid and how it prevented them from performing and seeing fans. 

In English, the members sing, “I am here for you. Till the end, till the end, till you call my name. Here for you, I’ll be there, I’ll be there till the sweeter end.” TXT is saying that they will always be there for their fans when they are feeling down and need comfort. 

They reference their group name Tomorrow X Together here, “That saying that ‘let’s be together tomorrow as well.’ Here for you please promise that here.” In essence,  they are saying that they promise to be with their fans and vice versa.

minisode 2: Thursday’s Child

minisode 2: Thursday’s Child. Photo Credit: Mallory Wanta

minisode 2: Thursday’s Child goes through the stages of heartbreak after a breakup. This album is all about breakups. Their first love, who was mentioned in the previous albums, broke up with them. They go through the many stages of heartbreak. 

The first track is called “Opening Sequence,” which I think is fitting. This is another one of my favorite TXT songs. It sounds almost haunted and empty. It is about recalling memories of your ex and begging for them to come back and try again.

The promoted track, “Good Boy Gone Bad,” is about burying the person you once were because of a bad breakup. It has rock influences and angst. In the first pre-chorus, the members sing, “This feeling of being broken isn’t so bad, better than those hopeless days.” In other words, what they are feeling now is better than what they went through when the breakup first happened. However, they still are hurt and struggling.

“Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go” is the perfect song to end the album. It is an upbeat and hopeful ending to the album. It is about getting over your breakup and having hope for the future. I think this is an important topic because it reassures you that good things will come.

Though the song is about a breakup, the message could apply to anyone, “It’s going to be tougher than the path that we’ve already walked, it’s unpredictable, our life. It’s going to be farther than the path that we’ve already walked. I’m waiting for the good day” These lyrics talk about how life can be unpredictable and hard, but we have to keep going because good days will come. I think this is a good life lesson for everyone.

What is Coming Next?

The Name Chapter: Temptation. Photo Credit: TXT Offical Shop

TXT will continue their story with their next release, The Name Chapter: Temptation, on January 27, 2023. In the previously mentioned Men’s Folio article, HueningKai discussed the group’s next release, “This album’s concept focuses on how the guys from our last album — minisode 2: Thursday’s Child — transformed and embraced a new phase of their youth.” HueningKai is talking about how their new album fits in with their last one. It will probably tell a story about the aftermath of getting over a breakup.

Fans are anticipating their next chapter. Kelly Chojnacki is curious about “how they [TXT] will change and grow in their music.” In addition, Jason Wanta expects TXT to do “good things. I think they will try bettering themselves and reach out to new audiences.” Since TXT never sticks to only one genre of music, it is exciting to see what they will do next.

Ultimately, feeling like you are seen is very important. Finding others you can relate to makes life feel less lonely. Learning that other people have gone through similar things helps you process your experiences and feelings. Having an artist that speaks out about certain topics makes it more seen. It is important for music artists, like TXT, to discuss these topics. Tomorrow X Together is a voice for the youth today.