71st District Assembly Election


Travis Adams

Scott Soik and Katrina Shankland flyers

Travis Adams, Hour 5B

Today I am going to talk about politics. The general election for Wisconsin is going to be on november 8th and Portage county is going to vote for someone to represent the county in the state assembly. I am going to tell you about the candidates who they are, what they support, and their background.

The first candidate for the state assembly is Katrina Shankland. Katrina Shankland is a liberal and is currently Portage county’s representative for the state assembly and has been since 2012 and is running for reelection. Katrina lives in Stevens point and believes that everyone should get a voice in government that’s why she ran for office. Katrina also has been on many committees and has been a contributing member of the community recently pushing the well grant program for private well owners with replacement, reconstruction, treatment, or abandonment of contaminated wells.

The issues Katrina Shankland is focusing on are taxes, Katrina plan for lowering taxes would reduce the need for local governments and school districts to pass burdensome property tax hikes. Katrina also would lower health care costs by holding price gouging health insurance and pharmaceutical companies accountable. Katrina is also the Co-author of legislation to repeal Wisconsin abortion ban. She believes in abortion at any time for any reason.

The second candidate for state assembly is Scott Soik. Scott Soik is a conserative, he lives with his family in the town of Linwood and has served in the United States marines. Scott Soik is running for state assembly because he believes our central-Wisconsin values are not being represented in Madison. Scott Soik has also been a contributing member of the community he sits on several local boards showing he has local government experience, owns and operates a small business in the Stevens point area.

Important issues Scott wants to focus on are lowering taxes and state spending. Scott also wants to support small businesses and keep portage county safe. Scott soik is pro life with exceptions for rape, incest, or life of the mother.

A community member who is voting for Scott Soik said “It seems like Scott Soik holds more of the same values and would be the best person to represent us in this area, Katrina had her 9 years, let others have their turn,” while another community member who is going to be voting for Katrina Shankland said “I believe the best choice would be Katrina Shankland because she has the most experience and she’s willing to work on both sides of the aisle”. This shows how conservatives want someone new representing them and also holds the same values as them, while liberals think Katrina Shankland has been in the assembly for 9 years and has experience.