A new perspective for gamers

The consequences of online gaming


By: Xavier Stelk ingame fortnite lobby

Xavier Stelk, Hour 5B

What’s so bad about socializing in a video game? It’s a problem, not a huge one, but a big one because too much gaming isn’t healthy, but gaming in moderation is fine. Likewise, talking to your friends is fine even if they’re toxic or annoying; at least you spend time together.

To begin with, kids/students should be able to play with their friends; an article on Newsela called “How friendships thrived in video games during the pandemic” explains why students/kids play video games so much. Not many people are good at socializing, but many people will think the opposite because you’ll be chatting with quite a few people, but that’s only because you are actually about those people. But anyways, this article says, “Friendships help people feel that they belong, that they are part of something. People aren’t supposed to be isolated”, said Pennington. They need to be connected with people, yet online communication with friends isn’t the same.

Safety/warning signs to look out for

Many safety hazards exist, such as strobe lighting and harassment in online games. Two main types of harassment are sexual and verbal, which is also cyberbullying, which is not a good thing to do. Strobe lighting can be caused by staring at a screen for too long, no matter the size of it, but you shouldn’t be so close to a screen, especially a tv screen, which is why people move their couches so far apart from the TV, so they don’t get an eye affection that is caused by strobe lighting.

Addiction is also an issue in this society, especially for kids/students during school weeks when they want to stay home and play video games with their friends all day instead of going to school to learn a bunch of different things they call “dumb” or “useless.” Gaming can be fun but only in moderation and not like twelve hours a day; gaming for such a long time can be a bad thing when it comes to personal hygiene or work because people want to game all day instead of doing their daily routine, which is at least showering once a day and go to work. 

Still, people will make up lame excuses to chill at home and play video games, which is also a massive thing in school. Kids want to stay home and play, but they know they can’t, so they make up excuses such as being sick by doing something dumb to make them ill but also, in the end, that could also kill them since they don’t know what they’re putting in their body just so that they can game all day, but it’s not something healthy to do.