Succulent Syrian Cuisine

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Dana Almasalmeh and Daleen Al-masalmeh


              Syrian cuisine is considered to be one of the oldest and ancient kitchens. The nobility and originality derived from Syrian history, considering that the capital, Damascus, is one of the oldest capitals in the world. Which adds to the Syrian cuisine, the cultural stock. .

Regional Effects 

Syrian cuisine includes many delicious and varied foods, and each region in Syria is famous for its special dishes. Which increases its fame and its richness in delicious food. Syrian chefs benefited from international cuisine and added their special touches to the most delicious Syrian dishes. There is no doubt that their cuisine relies on natural and fresh ingredients in preparing its delicious food, and excludes artificial flavors. This is one of the secrets of the pleasure of eating. 

Daily Meals

Eating habits in Syria included three main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the middle meal (lunch) is often the main meal. Breakfast usually consists of some appetizers such as labneh, zaatar, makdous, cheese, jam and olives. As for lunch, it begins with appetizers, soups, and various lunches, such as rice with meat or chicken, and countless other dishes, because the variety of foods is many. Then the main course and desserts. As for dinner, it is exactly the same as breakfast.

Eating Practices

Almost any Syrian home is devoid of urban foods, which are prepared foods that are prepared  at home and served on the breakfast or dinner table. They are prepared foods that can be eaten directly from the home refrigerator, and there is no need to eat or buy them outside the home. Among the most famous of these dishes: cheese of all kinds, fruit jams, olives and appetizers.

These are some types of Syrian appetizers that have a wonderful and delicious taste that often adorn the Syrian food table: tabbouleh which is made of vegetables and is very good for health and really tasty, spices and meat in dough cooked in the oven, a dish of medames (bean stew) and a dish of hummus.

Sweet Treats

 Syrian sweets are considered one of the best and most famous types of sweets. The regions of the Levant are famous for sweet treats such as Knafeh, a cheese dessert. They are distinguished by their delicious taste. Sweets are widely made in neighboring Arab countries, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Every city in Syria has a set of sweets that distinguish it from other cities. Among the sweet dishes that distinguish the Syrian cuisine are pistachio sweets and other delicious and varied sweets, and other dishes between traditional sweets and modern sweets that are considered part of Arab history.

Favorite Staple

Omelet is a term applied to a food item It is mainly made of eggs and flour and fried in oil. Until now, no fixed origins have been established because they are  famous and known all over the world. However, it is more likely to trace its origins to the Syrian cuisine, which is famous for serving many popular meals. Syrian food has been inherited for hundreds of years. An omelet contains many calories, thanks to its egg and oil content. It is also a dish rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of the human body. Therefore, it is one of the dishes prescribed for the nursing mother in the first days of her birth. Because it helps to secrete milk for her child in large quantities. (see recipe below)

Special Dishes

Among the famous Syrian dishes, we mention Makdous, Shanklish, Tabbouleh, Shukriya, fried and grilled kibbeh, Maqlouba, and other delicious dishes. The Syrian cuisine is also distinguished, and the Syrian cuisine is characterized by its moderation in the use of spices, in contrast to the Gulf and Indian cuisine. It depends on highlighting the taste and flavors of the soup ingredients, and for all of the above, the Syrian cuisine was able to compete with international dishes with its delicious taste and food. The cuisine of Syria include, a variety of dishes that represent the different cultures and religions that inhabit this region, making it some of the most delicious food you could enjoy.


Levantine Omelette Recipe


6 eggs

6 Tbls. flour

1 cup of chopped parsley 

Finely chopped onion

1/2 cup of olive oil

¼  teaspoon of ground hot pepper.

½ teaspoon of salt. 

½ teaspoon of black pepper 


 Put the eggs, parsley and spices together in a deep bowl and mix the ingredients until they blend together. Add the chopped onion and a little olive oil and continue to stir with a quick movement until we get a sticky mixture.

 Add the amount of flour gradually and continue to stir until we get a soft, smooth dough free of any lumps.

Heat the olive oil at a high temperature, then lower the heat a little, and start scooping the dough with a spoon and pour it with oil in the form of small discs, or a large disc as desired. 

Wait a minute for the bottom of the omelette to brown, then flip it on the other side until it browns as well, making sure it’s done.  

Take out the omelette pieces and place them on drying paper to get rid of the excess oil. Arrange it on a serving plate, then serve it with milk.