Sleeping in School is Good for You


Spash Student sleeping in class due to lack of sleep

Diego Mata, Hour 1

Have you ever felt like sleeping in school?  Well students aren’t performing well in school due to the lack of sleep. Though some people believe sleeping in class is bad for you.  It actually helps you a lot. You gain a lot of benefits from sleeping. How those benefits will help you during school.

What is Happening?

To begin, a lot of students aren’t performing well in school due to the lack of sleep.  It’s not just in SPASH it continues to be a problem around the world. Sleeping is really good for your mental health and it helps with any diets, or exercise, you are performing.   While you sleep your brain actually improves its performance on mood, and health.  It also helps improve concentration so you can have a better academic performance.  ¨According to WHO (World Health Organization) their studies show that with proper sleep it will help you sufficiently in education.  

I asked Carter Peet a junior at SPASH some questions about his sleeping schedule and what he does the night before school. “I always feel tired in classes because I work late with my big brother. I always end up sleeping in class. I work With my brother and its construction so I’m extra tired.  I would say I get around 6 hours of sleep”  I’m not doing so well. I believe I’m in a ok spot but I could do better.”

In a recent survey students answered questions about their sleeping and how they are performing in school. Out of 76 votes 75 of these felt tired in school.  Some people did homework, others played video games, but some also had work and didn’t get home until midnight.  Due to this some got less than 8 hours of sleep.  Most of the responses were put as bad as they are doing bad in school. The World Health Organization recommends at least eight to ten hours of sleep for teens in high school but it varies for your age.  

Sleeping also helps you physically and especially mentally.  Sleeping provides an essential function for memory consolidation. It helps with memory, critical thinking, and decision making when you are in a certain situation.

What can I gain from sleeping?

Some benefits from sleeping are that your immune system gets stronger.  You stay at a healthy weight, you have a low risk for health problems.  It also reduces stress for some.  You think more clearly,Have better social skills when you talk to others.  You can start achieving proper sleep by being consistent with sleeping schedules.  Remove distractions around you when you sleep, avoid eating large meals right before bed.  ¨According to WHO (World Health Organization) doing these small things you will realize how much they actually benefit you.

What happens If I don’t sleep?

But students still don’t want to sleep and due to that they lead themselves into a bad performance in education.  You can also get things from less sleep such as high blood pressure.  Diabetes is more likely for you.  A heart stroke and stroke is way more possible as well.  

Some students might get depression but it’s not certain for everybody that is going through less sleep. Your thinking and concentration is really slow and it’s very hard for you to think clearly.  You have memory issues.  Lastly you get mood changes.

In conclusion SPASH should have an hour that students can sleep so that they can unwind/relax or just to clear their mind so that they can be ready to learn and energize others to make school more fun.  With this students will become more successful and be happier in life.