SPASH: Vending Machines

Sarah Pyefinch, Hour 5B

SPASH students and staff can purchase items from the vending machines, but what if they aren’t reliable as they seem? A poll was sent to SPASH students asking them about the vending devices here at SPASH.

Background Information:

86.9% of the respondents from the poll asking about vending machines at SPASH stated that they have or had a friend (s) who used one. Out of those who have used the vending machines 54.9% reported having a negative response when using the SPASH vending machines, and 45.1% had positive responses. In other words, sometimes the machine works or not you just have to figure out which one works the best. “It ate my friends’ money, the vending machine itself was covered in soda, and it was really loud.” stated a student attending SPASH.

Snacks and After school activities:

Having vending machines at SPASH is really helpful for students who go to clubs and sports when the Ala Carte is closed.

“It was with my friends after practice and we cooled off. It felt really nice,” stated a SPASH student when asked about a time they sued a vending machine as SPASH. In other words, having the ability to buy drinks after practice was a good way for them to relax while working.

This also connects with Mrs. Roberts, a SPASH teacher who was interviewed about the vending machines at SPASH. “I also think they are great for kids who stay late for clubs, homework, or activities to have the option of purchasing something as well.” This means that even though kids stay late at school when the Ala Carte is closed they can still buy snacks and drinks to enjoy.

So the vending machines don’t work?

Even though SPASH does have vending machines, how reliable are they? Even when purchasing snacks and drinks they don’t always work.

“It’s been both because only half of the vending machines work. At least when I have used them, only the drink worked. By the printer specifically,” said a SPASH student responding to the poll. This means that whether a vending machine worked or doesn’t work is a 50/50 chance.

In the interview with Mrs. Roberts, when asked the question: Have you used the vending machine at SPASH? She responded “No, but I have tried. They don’t work for me, not sure if I go at the wrong time or what I am doing wrong but never have any luck.” This means that even though the staff and students have the choice of whether they want to use the vending machine it won’t always work.

In conclusion SPASH vending machines can be a good way for students to enjoy drinks and snacks after school, but they should be doing a better job for maintaining them, and making sure that the students and staff are satisfied with how they work