Organization=Better Grades


Lake Glodowski

Photo of Jessica Caves organized notes. Photo taken by Lake Glodwski

Lake F Glodowski, Hour 2

You’re in class and spent all last night working on your summative paper which is worth half your grade. You dig through your backpack which is in disarray. You don’t turn it in because you are unable to find it. So now you have an F. You later discover it was in your backpack hidden within all the papers. Student organizations vary a lot from student to student but there should be organization to an extent. Organization is a crucial factor in work ethic but can be expressed by using a planner, sorting subjects, and overall organization.

Planning or just to remember?

Planners are given every year to students at the beginning of the year. When asking Jessica Caves, a SPASH Jr., if organization of her planner helped she stated “[Planning] made it easier for me to know what I need to get done in school.” So what Jessica was trying to say was that planners help you remember what you need to get done or at least what time it is due. You don’t necessarily need to plan what assignment you do first but rather know what one you need to do.

To further this point I interviewed Jeannette Glodowski, a SPASH sophomore. She believed a planner can make it so much easier to know what to get done. She even explain how there were times when she totally forgot about an assignment because she didn’t write it down. This further proves that just writing down what is due can drastically help. Even if you put a reminder in your phone it helps you remember assignments. Which in return helps you get better grades.

Seven folders or one backpack?

Some students at SPASH use the organization method of “if I throw it in my backpack I will at least have it.” This is true but it becomes almost impossible to find things quickly and efficiently. I used to throw my paper in my backpack that way I would get out of class quicker. This actually affected my grades, I couldn’t find the homework I need to turn in multiple times and I would spend a lot of time looking for assignments when I got home. So what I’m trying to say is that we should sort our homework by subject into folders to make it more efficient. When I asked Jeannette Glodowski if organization improves someone’s lifestyle she made it a point that her backpack looked way better than if everything was just thrown in. In other words, organization makes life easier and better looking.

Organization for the “A”

Now there will still be students that argue they don’t need organization for school. For example, Richard Kerske, a SPASH Jr, when asked if lack of organization has affected him he stated that “It hasn’t whatsoever.” Now I interviewed him before the incident in his WRA class. Ricard was looking for the worksheet that he supposedly did. When he could not find it the teacher gave him another worksheet that he would have to complete later that night. This proves that his lack of organization has affected him negatively. He could have less work to do if he just put it in folders rather than throwing it in his backpack. Jessica Caves also agreed that organization can improve your lifestyle and that it has for her. This has helped her keep her grade solid throughout the year. So overall organization has a bigger impact on student grades than most people think.

Organization can be shown in many different ways. Whether it be something small like organizing your papers so they are easier to find. Or something bigger like organizing which assignments you are going to do based on how hard you think they are going to be. When it comes to organization you don’t necessarily need to go over the top with it. When it comes to organization you should try to stay as organized as possible which in turn should increase your grades.