Is The Golden Age Of Good Deeds Gone?


Photo of Troy Pallen doing automotive bodywork for little to no payement

Troy Pallen, Hour 1

The Christmas Kindness Fades Fast 

 As we’re wrapping up the 2022 holiday season we often are on our best behavior during Christmas time because of the holiday’s reputation for giving the gift of giving, and being grateful for everything given to you. But why not all year instead of one or two months? Those acts of kindness with the expectation of nothing in return are more commonly referred to as good deeds. It’s obvious that from November to January people start being more generous and going out of their way to do good, but it seems like right after January the random acts of kindness diminish. The people of today have lost their touch of doing stuff with no expectation of a return. 

The History Of Good Deeds

In a set of 5 survey questions 42 people responded, and in the question “Which month do you think is most common for people being generous and committing good deeds?”64.3% of those responded with “December” being the most generous month this is majorly because of the month’s major holiday, Christmas. The holiday itself has had the reputation of giving and good deeds dating back to biblical times and the birth of Christ. Even in a one on one interview with Zach Anderson, a SPASH student and Maintenance worker at Fleet Farm, he also responded that December is the most generous month for the same reasons. The major question from this information is why do the good deeds have to end after Christmas? Why do people just think being thoughtful and caring is a seasonal thing? 

Dominos Destroy Deeds

In that same interview with Zach, he was asked “How does it make you feel when you commit good deeds”, and “How do you think good deeds will affect society.” He responded with, “ It makes me feel very strong and empowered helping elderly people and It will cause a cycle of good, because when someone gets helped they’re more prone to go around and help others.” This all just shows that random acts of kindness are all powered by a domino effect. The more you strive to do good; the more others copy your acts, but this also works in reverse; the less you do for others, the less they’ll do for others.  

Today Will Never Be Yesterday 

In that same set of questions there was an anonymous poll asking “What do you think is the main reason for the lack of good deeds in today’s society?” An anonymous student responded with, “People have become very split politically, with an increase in verbal and known hatred for “the other side.” This is truly a  major factor in our abilities to help  others. With today’s norms most people tend to hate a person if they have different “views” and it seems that a good majority also forget when those “differently viewed” people are vulnerable or in need of help they are human beings too, and smallest of things can go a long way.

Another anonymous student said, “I think people are less dependent on each other due to the internet and the globalization of products. Because of this loss of dependence, people don’t respect each other as much because they don’t have to get goods and services locally.” The internet is the major evil that killed the good deed. More and more everyday less people walk into mom and pop shops or regular businesses to physically ask for what they want or need. This lack of interaction lessens the warm hearted feeling of giving them in total depleting the amount of good deeds that happen. 

Strive For Good 

As sad as it is, we’ll never see the thoughtfulness that people of past generations had. The internet is just a big evil power, and the American political system is also a very evil power controlling us and how we treat each other. We can still all come together and try for better.

So next time you have people behind you, hold the door open for them. When you strike a conversation remember to ask them how their day is going and remind them to have an amazing day. Give up something you don’t need to someone that needs it, let someone cut in line if they’re in a hurry. In general, just do something that will make someone’s day, but do it today, tomorrow, and everyday to come.