Should Robots replace Referees?


UN Photo/Jean Marc Ferré

Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General of United Nations Conference Trade And Development ( UNCTAD) with Sophia during the Word Investment Forum 2018. 22 october 2018. UN Photo/Jean Marc Ferré

Yu Pheng Yang, Hour 2

Do you ever wonder what would happen if robots took over referees in sports? Most don’t really care or see much about it happening. Using enough knowledge and information to make these robots is something that scientists can or can not do. It’s all based on the technology to make things right.  Robots being referees isn’t something that most people really want but some do. Are robots really an option to replace human refs? Some refs may or may not like it because they’re taking over their job but reffing. Some Refs may not be able to get paid because of the robots that are taking over their jobs.

Robotic Refs

Although robotic referees can currently help with the more technical aspects, a robot cannot yet judge a human’s intent or behavior.” What I thought about it was that “A robotic ref can’t understand how a human feels or what his or her behavior is like. Robots can’t judge humans by their personality and how they felt about what they did.” Since the Industrial Revolution, machines have been slowly taking over human jobs.”  I said that “Robots and other mechanisms have been taking over the world and people. Like they always say, “Will robots take over the world?” robots for sure may or may not take over the world. But robots being referees? I’m really not sure if people would really like that or appreciate it.”. “But soccer fans might not necessarily be on board with a robotic referee — as seen by fans’ reactions to VAR at the 2017 FIFA World Cup — especially if human referee errors help their team to win. What I thought about this quote is that, “I feel like people need to know how they feel about their behavior and show respect to others. Robotic referees may help pro athletes do better but that doesn’t mean those robots know how they feel about themselves. Referees don’t play fairly from gambling with other teams and whatnot. The more money they get, the more the referees are going to be on the other side of the team.”  “Soccer teams and other sports teams alike could even have robotic players down the line.” What I said was that “Having robotic players down on the field with real players isn’t really the best. Players won’t know how to act when there are robots out in the field. Robots are something that humans can’t really handle on their own.”

Major Leagues

This summer, teams in the AAA league – just one level below Major League Baseball itself – will use sophisticated technology to call balls and strikes on batters.” What I thought about this quote is that “Calling out the balls that went out or are fouled, should be by humans or a computer. Robots may do a better job than humans but sometimes robots just don’t function as well as humans. Robots may have the technology to sense if the ball is out or not but sometimes it can not catch the eye of the ball.” “And this year FIFA, the body governing international soccer, will experiment with a system that aims to call offsides more quickly and accurately than human referees.” The next thing I thought about this quote was that FIFA has had a hard time for some players because the ref may not call it offsides or if they slide tackle the other player. Most of them are on point but most of the time they’re not. Computers or robots for FIFA are actually a good idea. Not for looking cool or anything but to know what it’s doing and to see the vision of the players going offsides.”