Superbowl Predictions

Image credit to Wikipedia commons

Image credit to Wikipedia commons

Max Bienvenue, Hour 1

There are a lot of good teams that could compete to win it all. Some of the teams are the Chiefs the bills the Bengals the Eagles and the 49ers they are all good enough to win. Those teams played in the regular season and there was no clear favorite. The team that won was the team that wanted it more. The playoffs are all about who puts it together and becomes healthy at the right time. Despite what others might say the bills and the eagles will be in the big game and the Bills will come out on top.

Betting odds

The current favorites to win Super Bowl LVII are the Buffalo Bills (+380), the Kansas City Chiefs (+380), the Philadelphia Eagles (+550), and the San Francisco 49ers (+600). The Bills and Chiefs have been favorites since preseason which could result in a historic playoff matchup. The team with the lowest number has the best chance to win. So the Chiefs and the Bills have an equal chance to win. The chiefs and the Bills are two powerhouses led by two of the best quarterbacks in the league; they both have a good chance to win the Superbowl if they can put it together at the right time. According to an interview conducted by SPASH out of 45 responses, 19 people said the bills would win and 9 people said the bills would win. As well as 7 people saying the chiefs would win. 10 people said the Bengals would win .63.3 % of people said they watch NFL content for 1-2 hours a week so we can infer most people have a little idea of the current NFL landscape.

SPASH predictions

Sam Zuege, a long-time NFL watcher, contributed his educated opinions on the matter. He said from what he’s watched this year the Bills, the Chiefs, and the Eagles are the three best teams and will have the best chase to win. Sam shared” I would like to see the Vikings win but I don’t think it’s going to happen…” According to the SPASH population, there are many possible outcomes.66% of people surveyed said they watch NFL content for 1-2 hours a week. There were three popular outcomes, The Chiefs playing the Eagles, and the Chiefs winning. Bills playing the Packers, Bills winning.

Other possible outcomes 
There are many possible outcomes, as of January 17. The Bills play the Bengals, the last time they played the game was cut short due to an injury. With two all-star quarterbacks going head to head it will be a great game and could come down to a single play. The Jags play the Chiefs at Arrowhead, last week the Jags came back from a 27-point deficit to beat the Chargers and move on. So if they can keep that momentum they have a chance to upset the chiefs. The Giants play the Eagles, and that game will be a huge rivalry game with the upset, the Giants pulled on the fraudulent Vikings they have good momentum to beat the Eagles. The Cowboys play the 49ers in California, both teams won last week by two scores. So with the momentum from last week, this will be one of the better games this week.

That being said, anything can happen in the NFL playoffs. Every team is good enough to make it happen as long as they play to the best of their ability.