Hands Off My Body


Kenadee Bailey, Hour 2

Did you know that rape is the easiest violent crime to get away with in the United States? According to The Dallas Morning News, on average less than 1% of sexual assaults lead to conviction. This society has a problem with sexual assault , but they never take care of the problem. 

Attackers Win Over School

According to A Lack Of Consequences For Sexual Assault, many times, victims drop out of school, while their alleged attackers graduate. This is so sad, it honestly makes me sick that the attacker gets to walk on stage and get a diploma they don’t deserve. “To allow someone who’s been found responsible for sexual assault to continue to attend an elite school is just awful,” seethes professor Brown, who transferred to Wellesley college. When someone is found responsible for sexual assault, they should not be allowed to go to school or stay at school. They should be kicked out. They deserve absolutely nothing. This tells us schools don’t care about sexual assault, and don’t care about the victims. 

Victims Are Not Cared For

These two quotes will describe exactly how a victim is not cared for.  “I remember leaving and crying and feeling helpless,” said Ms. Duong is now 32. “I felt like nobody believed me,” according to the website ‘Nobody Believed Me’: How Rape Cases Get Dropped.  This is so heartbreaking that she felt like nobody believed her. Nobody deserves to feel like that, especially after something so traumatizing happened to them. ‘Nobody Believed Me’ says, others were brushed off, or berated. When someone is attacked by another person, the person who was attacked deserves justice. 

Impacts And Reactions Of Sexual Assault

The impact of Trauma on Adult Sexual Assault Victims explains the impacts of sexual assault. The impacts include fear and anxiety, a sense of shame, feelings of detachment, disrupted sleep, nightmares, and tendency to isolate oneself. Those are just some of the impacts on a person when they are sexually assaulted. Along with that some of the most common ways victims react to sexual assault are, have blanks in memory, struggle with decision making, have a relationship with the perpetrator after the assault, blame themselves for the assault, and deny or minimize the assault. Those are some of the ways the victim will react after the assault. 


In conclusion, people who have never experienced sexual assault will never understand what sexual assault can do to somebody. As you finish reading this, I hope you understand that someone around you could have experienced sexual assault. Never joke about sexual assault, cause the person you told the joke to, may be suffering from sexual assault.