Meet the Fall 2020 Staff

Madelyn Cheng

My name is Madelyn Cheng and I am a senior at SPASH. I’m from New Hope, Minnesota but I left to live in Stevens Point with my grandparents to start school. I love to write creatively and my favorite weekend activity is to knit on my couch with a cup of tea. I do plan on pursuing post-secondary education in political science, which is the more rational path to choose. However, from a young age, I’ve always wanted to write and be a filmmaker.  So I guess my long term goal would be to find a way to do both.

Katrina Cisewski

My name is Katrina Cisewski. I am a junior at SPASH. My long term goal is to go to NTC to be a welder. My interests are running cross country, taking really cool pictures of sunrises and other cool things, welding, and doing fun things with my friends and family.

Jenna Koziol

I am Jenna Koziol, senior at SPASH. I joined journalism because it would be really fun to write for The Mirror. I have loved my 3 years in high school and after SPASH I plan to become an automotive technician.

Luke Kratzke

Hello, my name is Luke Kratzke and I am a junior at SPASH. My favorite hobby is hunting. I was born in Stevens Point but have since moved to Plover. My favorite class is WRA. After high school I would like to go to tech school for fire fighting.

Isa Mahon

My name is Isa Mahon and I’m a Junior here at SPASH. I love spending time with friends, being active, and spending time outdoors. I am very interested in Interior Architecture and Design, and I wish to someday have a career in that area. I plan on attending a four year university and then pursuing real estate or something in interior architecture and design.


Maya Ramseier

Hi, my name is Maya Ramseier and I am a senior at SPASH. I was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. I enjoy almost all kinds of art, cosplay, and makeup. I hope to one day get a career in special effects makeup, or work backstage with actors and actresses.

Cameron Swinford

My name is Cameron Swinford, and I am a junior at SPASH. I like baseball and fishing, and my favorite class is WRA. I am planning on going to tech school but not sure for what yet. Still thinking…

Eli Wetter

Nice to meet you. My name is Eli Wetter and I am a senior at SPASH. I have lived here all of my life and cannot wait to leave. I want to end up going to college somewhere out West, perhaps Vancouver or Colorado. I spend all of my time outdoors when I am not trapped inside doing homework. Becoming a data analyst for a sports team or an SNL skit writer would fulfill my dreams.

Zachary Livernash

My Name Is Zachary Livernash and I am a Junior at SPASH. I was born in Wisconsin Rapids and moved to Plover when I was four. I am big into playing sports like football and playing video games. My goal is to get a degree from college in business.


Hans Nielsen

My name is Hans Nielsen and I’m a junior at SPASH. I enjoy playing the guitar and listening to music. I also enjoy curling, running track, and golf. I’m still not sure what I want to do after High School. Currently I’m just focused on school and music.


Elizabeth Ramirez

Hello, My name is Elizabeth Ramirez and I am a senior at SPASH. I like to walk in the park with my family and to take care of my sisters.  I love to cook. My favorite class at SPASH is Math. I have been living in Stevens Point since 2018. I mostly grew up in Mexico and I’m excited to go to college.

Olivia Schultz

My name is Olivia Schultz but most people call me Livi. I am currently a junior at SPASH. My biggest interests are singing, dancing, and skiing. I am also a part of student senate in high school. I was born here in Stevens Point and have been living here my entire life. After high school I am planning to go to college for business so I can be a real estate agent.


Marcus Studinski

Hi, I’m Marcus Studinski. I’m a Junior this year. I moved from Lodi, Wisconsin to Stevens Point at about age 4. I’m a black belt and I like to write and play video games. Once COVID-19 is gone, I want to return to taekwondo. I also look forward to figuring out where I’ll go to college to study law, journalism, or international relations.

Romeo Vang

My name is Romeo Vang and a proud senior at SPASH. I’m into sports and really into the outdoors. I was born in Madison but moved and was raised in Stevens Point. In my future I plan on going to college for physical education and with a minor in health.


Doua Yang

Hi, My name is Doua Yang and I am a Junior at SPASH. I was born and raised in Thailand for six years of my early life.  We moved to the United State about nine years ago and now I currently live in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. My all time favorite hobbies include drawing, singing, and gaming. One person once told me when I was younger, “Dream big my child.” My big dream that I have been chasing on a rough road is to become a singer.

DeShay Anderson

Hello , My name is DeShay Anderson and I am a junior at SPASH. I am originally from Mauston, Wisconsin and moved to Stevens Point about seven years ago. My hobbies include photography, art and interior design. I have a dream of having a big acre of land with plenty of animals and a nice cute little house.

Danae Marshall

My name is Danae Marshall. I am a junior at spash. I was born in Rochester, MN and I now live in Stevens Point, WI. During my freetime I like to draw and hang out with my friends. I am big on focusing on myself and constantly trying to be the best version of me. I plan to go to college after high school for psychology and move to Mississippi by my other side of the family. I later in life hope to travel the world and come back home to settle down and have a family of my own.

Evan Pfeffer

Hello, my name is Evan Pfeffer, and I am a junior at SPASH. I was born in Green Bay, but have lived here as long as I can remember. I plan to attend university in an urban setting, such as New York City or Los Angeles. One of the things that I’m passionate about is activism and I hope to find a way to incorporate it into whatever I decide to major in. In my free time, I am often outdoors, listening to music, or listening to music while I am outdoors.


Trenton Wood

Hi, my name is Trenton Wood and I am a Junior at SPASH. I play football and I also like to lift weights and play video games. One of my favorite classes is automotive awareness because you get to work on cars and I’m a hands on guy. I was raised in Plainfield and then moved to Plover during fifth grade. The college I would like to attend is Texas, or Texas Tech for plumbing and have a good  career in life.

Sinai Yang

My name is Sinai Yang and I’m a junior at SPASH. I was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota and have been living here for over two years. I love hanging out with my friends and family whenever I have the time to. One of my goals is to graduate from high school and then proceed on to a bigger future whether it’s college or the military. One of my long time goals is to get into something big with music related.

Oliver Groeschke

My name is Oliver Groeschke. I am currently a senior in SPASH. I am from Manila, Philippines, and came to the United States less than two years ago. I would like to become a businessman or to become an English teacher and teach overseas. 

Breanna Leahy

My name is Breanna Leahy and I am a junior at SPASH. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I was born and raised in Stevens Point. I would like to go to school to become an EMT.

Zoe Pfaff

Hi. My name is Zoe. I am a junior at SPASH. When I was younger it seemed like I moved a lot. 10 years ago I moved to Junction city and have been living here ever since. When I turn 17 I’m going to start the process of starting my dream job of being an EMT.

Ben Raczek

Hello, My name is Ben Raczek and I’m a Junior at SPASH. I like to play sports, hangout with friends, and my favorite class is holcaust. I was born and raised in Stevens Point. A short term goal for me is to get a good score on the ACT then attend a 4- year university. A long term goal is to find a career in the medical field.



Colby Hintz

Hello, my name is Colby Hintz and I am a Junior at SPASH. My interests include hunting, fishing, and playing any sport with a ball. My favorite classes in school are any of my math classes, and of course gym. I was born and raised in the Stevens Point/Mosinee area. When I graduate high school I want to go to a 4 year university.

Michael Taylor

I’m Michael Taylor and I’m a Senior here at SPASH. I’m a nerd for music, especially CDs and Vinyl as well as PC gaming and progressive politics. I was born in Billings, Montana but was brought up mostly in Portland, Oregon. Now I hope to go to a college and learn how to write at a high level, perhaps for a newspaper?