Gun laws avoid the real problem

Jack Biggs

Suicide is the leading cause of gun deaths in America.

Gun laws do not face the true reason for gun violence and deaths. Gun laws do have good intentions in the fact that they can help prevent certain people from owning firearms, such as people who have been institutionalized, but if a person has a strong enough will they will obtain a weapon.

 Gun laws have had little effect on gun homicides. According to the BBC, America has passed almost 100 federal gun laws since 1791, and each state has passed more. If a criminal is determined enough, they will find a way to kill. 

Gun death is a socioeconomic and mental health problem more than anything, places with the most gun deaths have the strictest laws, and places with the highest suicide rates have the worst state funded mental health programs. 

Guns are not a leading cause of death. In America the leading cause of death for people between 10 and 24 was accidents, according to the CDC in 2018 it accounted for 38.3% of deaths in that age bracket. Closely followed by suicide at 20.5% and homicide at 14.4%. Accounting for all deaths, Suicide came in as the tenth leading cause and homicide was the cause for less than 1% for all deaths in America. This is why mental health support is far more important than passing laws. 

According to the house of commons library, in Britain last year, 270 people were stabbed to death and 30 were shot to death, these have been almost the same since 1977. Trumping the number of gun deaths by an extra 10 deaths was kicking and fighting, more people were beaten to death by hand than shot last year. 

Stolen guns are a big problem. According to the Bureau of Justice, in 1995, 80 stolen guns were used in assault and 79 were used in homicides. A lawful gun owner can still become a victim of a crime and a criminal will do whatever it takes to obtain a weapon.

Gun death, and death in general is a terrible thing. Reducing access to guns can be seen to lower deaths by guns in  that area. In Britain guns have been a hard to come by commodity, so gun deaths have stayed relatively low. According to the British house of commons library, from 1977 to 2020 the average amount of gun homicides has been around 30.

Still, the gun deaths are low but there are 270 people stabbed to death every year according to the house of commons library. So, even though guns are hard to come by for the everyman, a criminal can and will find a way to kill.

Many people bring up the idea that the writers of the second amendment did not know that semi and fully automatic rifles would exist, or that they meant for guns to be used as hunting tools only, at that time they had access to many forms or repeating rifles, and they had not just returned from a hunting trip, they had just freed their nation from a world superpower. In conclusion, gun laws skim over the actual issues of our society and blame the object and not the user.