Fake Smile

Photo Credit: https://wallpapercave.com/fake-smile-emoji-wallpapers

Photo Credit: https://wallpapercave.com/fake-smile-emoji-wallpapers

Aiden Raykowski

Floating, a familiar feeling, where am i, darkness surrounds, realization, i am back somewhere i never wanted to return. 

How, how did this happen, i was doing better i thought but i was cast back, i glanced around but noticed things were worse.

Everything, hidin, never noticing the darkness that crept behind me. 

Now, too late to return, i got caught up in the colors, darkness now the only thought and feeling, scared to return not wanting to feel the pain again. 

No one understands the feeling of fake smiling to make others feel joy when you forgot what its  warm embrace was. 

That’s how I survived faking a smile and laughing not wanting them to see my broken side. So I faked a smile and everything was ok.