Photo Credit:

William Yang

His vision unstable, his mouth covered with the flowing floods of sands.

*hours went by* 

A young girl advancing to the well, humming, eyes closed.

Stumbling, regaining her posture, her arms grasped a soft yet weirdly tough texture.

A few more gropes flew by, the weird sensation began to fall apart.


Devastated at what was in her hand.

The outer skin, gloomy, slimy texture on one side while the other side, hairy.

Devastated yet curious.


Digging like a hungry dog who’s found treasure underground.

All that was left after her dig, a human.

Twice her size, clothes so unalike hers nor anyone else in her village.

Dazzling, as a persian white furred cat.


Ravaged, sprinting towards her village’s chief’s home.

Locked; tears falling, screams, slams.

Screechings as the door opened.

The chief and everyone else saw the young child.

Asking what’s wrong.


The chief looking around her, one object led to him becoming horrified.

A substance grasped in between her hands was so abnormal.

To them…

The village doctor hurriedly came to see.

Widened eyes as though he finally met an opponent.

Asking the young girl to show where she found this.

Sprinting towards where the substance was found.


A phenomenon occurred…

Sandstorms flowed, so hazardous.

Retreating for shelter.

Hours flew by.


Finally ending.

The doctor and young girl dashing towards the human.

Nothing, nothing to be seen.

Minutes became hours of digging, finally finding the human.

Joyous tears flooded the young girl.

However… All it was a human corpse.