Street Beefs

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Stephan Lubecke

Me and james mathews really don’t get along, it all started back in third grade when we first met at washington elementary.He saw me after school hanging out with one of his opps at the gas station trevor chiapuzio, i had just raked his lawn and his mother gave me some bread and we went to the store but little did i know that i would see james mathews there. I was parched so with some of the money that her mom had gave us i was going to buy some drinks and i had 3 drinks in my hand and one of them were in a glass bottle and I was holding all three together against my chest and the middle one was the glass bottle, james mathews bumps into me and says “you traitor i thought we were friends” and than bam the glass bottle falls out of my hands and explodes with a loud crash and than there was root beer all on the ground and james mathews ran out crying humiliating me and him.