Typical School Year



Ty Hojnacki



simple exhausted

years seem to bolt by

Accelerating faster and faster 

During the school year,

It seems as if it is dragging on 

Staying focused 

The tasks at hand

Day-to-day work 

to advance you forward 

Seeming to be at a crawl 

Trying to get over that mid-year hump

Feels as hard to accomplish as climbing a never-ending mountain 

You have to ascend on 

Seeming as if you’re catapulted into a void 

Assignment after assignment

You have to stay perched on top of tasks

Until the year is over 

You realize how the year blasted by

Once more 

Diving into summer like making a giant splash into an ice cold pool

Days outside

Warm humid air

Sun blasting heat on your skin


Summer blows by like a jet

Back into that typical school year

All over again