Hailey Dean

The years grew fast, very fast.

One day I was in kindergarten and the next, highschool.

It went fast, faster than I can process, so fast that I miss opportunities.

Like feeling the feathers of an owl.

I missed sports opportunities

Like being able to smell the sand below my feet when playing volleyball.

And grade opportunities

Not being able to try hard enough because we missed a lot of days.

And class opportunities

To get college credits and to be able to start college early.

And even friend opportunities.

That feeling of losing someone you barely even know.

I just wanted to get through highschool.

Now im here a senior and regretting some things that I know would’ve made me a different person.

The things that would’ve made me feel happiness.

I have a plan.

I do have regrets.

I wish I didn’t but everyone will eventually.

Regret feels like a knife cutting off a toe at each choice.

Because of these choices and regrets I do have a plan

That plan is to succeed .

To listen to the choices I have.

To grow.

To be a better person.

To be a mom.

To be a wife.

To eat the foods I’ve always wanted to try.

To see what it’s like when I’m eating an alligator, though it apparently tastes like chicken.

To be someone that people can come to.

My plan,

Is to bring life into the little ones eyes.

So they can feel the emotions I felt.