The Darkest Parts of You

Credit to:

Bridger Bolen

We live in a society where it’s frowned upon to be alone

We live in a society where we collapse the second were given adversity

We constantly have to be distracting ourselves

Its like we are trying to save ourselves from ourselves


Its better to have a dollar bill instead of 4 quarters

How well do you know yourself

What are the things you know to be true about yourself but you choose to ignore

Why did that one thing in particular jolt into your mind and why do you push it away as fast as it appeared. Hell, it happens to me every time I read this

There is no light without darkness

And it is a shame to keep parts of you locked away and ignored


Cows run away from storms, They know it’s inevitable and they will eventually be swallowed up

The funny part is they know the sun is on the other side of the storm

The light is on the other side of the darkness

But yet they deliberately choose every single time, to run away from the darkness

And when the herd tries to escape the dark by running towards light, burnout is inevitable


Buffalo, though they have such poor eyesight do the opposite of the cows

You are exactly right, they run towards the storm

Its nuts you might think

Why would something deliberately charge into the darkness and the unknown?

Because the buffalo also knows the light on the other side and it knows they can only escape the darkness for so long

The sooner you go through the storm,the sooner you come out of it


You have made it through every single bad day that you have had

That in itself is worth something

Bruised,battered and beaten, you can still win

Everything is temporary


Your emotions are a river that flow freely

Come and go

Up and down

Things change

But one thing is for certain

You will always be you


What keeps me up at night


Perhaps it is a monster that keeps me up at night

Waiting,creeping,lurking in the shadows patiently waiting for me to slip up

It whispers in the wind telling me I am not good enough

Telling me I am not doing enough

My body is exhausted,but my mind cannot help but wander and drift

The voices in my head grow ever so louder


These thoughts consume me at all times of the day

Playing on a loop

They sulk in the shadows

Making me isolate myself

Second guess myself


I do not know if its a war against myself

Or a war on mediocrity

Fighting each and every day to be better than yesterday

I pick apart every piece of me and put it back together

Trying to ignore the parts of me that I do not like

Attacking them,rooting them

When one weed dies,3 more fill their place


So i guess naturally there is only one thing to do

Keep on keeping on I guess

Keep hoping that something changes 

If I am walking through hell, I may as well smile