Why More Students Should Listen to Nf


Nf on stage, https://www.godreports.com/2018/01/god-smacked-rapper-nf-in-the-face-revealed-himself-through-creation/

Fernando Martinez, Hour 2

There are many types of music out there, a lot of musical artists out there and sometimes it’s difficult to find an artist that’s consistently good with the music they release. Although there are good artists that release good music, there is one artist that is known, but not talked about a lot. The artist is Nf. 

About Nf 

Nathan John Feuerstein, also known as Nf, is an American rapper most known for making music without cursing in it. Nf was born March 30, 1991 in Gladwin, Michigan. As a kid, Nathan used music as a way to relieve stress and as therapy. In a couple of his songs, he talks about how music helps him relieve stress. In one of his more popular songs named Therapy session during the finale minute of the song he says:

When I feel something, whether it’s anger

Um, it’s a passion about something, or frustration

Like this is where I go, this is, that’s the whole NFrealmusic thing man

This is real for me, I need this, this is a therapy for me” 

As a kid, Nf’s parents got divorced when he was a child and as his life went on he was physically abused by his mom’s boyfriend. In 2009,  he lost his mother; she passed away due to an overdose. 

Music style 

Nf’s music is more on the emotional/storytelling side, but his music can also be workout music because of the approach he takes. Songs such as Clouds, The Search, Trust, Leave me Alone, and That’s a Joke, are just some of his songs that make someone feel hyped or energetic. On the flip side, he also has emotional and more down to earth music.So, for whatever reason someone is feeling down,  they could listen to songs like Drifting, Let You Down,  and Time. He’s overall a 8/10 artist with his music.        


Anthony, a fan of Nf that I met on a server called Discord, shared,  “ Nf makes amazing music. His music has really helped me through a lot. I listen to his music when I’m stressed or when I’m really sad; his music has a lot of emotions. I like it all, butl my favorite song of his has to be, Prideful .I don’t know,  something about that song just stands out to me. I recommend Nf to anyone that is looking for a good music artist.”  I couldn’t agree more!