Fashion Trends


Tou Yeng Vang, Hour 5B

Fashion Trends

Ever wanted clothes but wasn’t sure what would suit the public? Fashion trends change throughout the year. What are fashion trends? Fashion trends are a type of style that’s worn by most of the population from time to time. Fashion trends are basically styles of clothes that are worn by many people. In this article I will explain some fashion trends that are making its way back into the fashion industry.

Old School Fashion

Old school fashion is loved for its vintage style. Many people like wearing clothes from the good old days like graphic tees and cargo’s. As studied from Needles Thimbles, “The redesigned cargo pants that have been making an old-School Fashion Trends comeback in the fashion industry are far more stylish than the baggy, highly pockets variants of the early 2000’s.” Basically redesigning the old cargo pants and making the material and design better then before giving it a more modern look.

These outdated low quality clothes are making a comeback in the modern world because of their vintage, classy look. They are worn by so many people and models that companies and designers are willing to give these classic clothes a second chance as also said by news article NeedlesThimbles, “Many designers adore classic retro styles and wish to bring them back with a modern touch” With just a slight change of things like material, they can make clothes that have both comfort and style.

Street Fashion

Another fashion trend is street fashion. Street fashion has been worn for a while now and it’s known for its unique clothes. It goes as far as a classy jacket to sport clothes including Biker jackets, and etc. Like said from ‘Edited’, “the Bikercore subculture, has caused the moto jacket to rival the varsity bomber’s cult status”. This might not seem much but in the fashion industry varsity bomber clothes are worn very often and known for their retro high school clothes. 

Talking about varsity clothes, its infamous jackets are a must in the fashion industry. It has inspired other clothes like pants and shirts to be made based on the varsity design. As stated from ‘Edited’ “While the varsity jacket remains a key ingredient to the Preppy aesthetic, the trend has transpired beyond the classic bomber, with collegiate graphics migrating across to sweats, accessories and knitwear.” Saying that it had an impact on the fashion industry. 


Now with shoes also known as kicks, are like a final finish to a fit. It’s like adding a gloss finish to an item, it makes it look better. Shoes don’t have to be expensive as long as it goes with your clothes. People are more into less bright colors and plain colors like white and black as they can go with almost any color. 

Top shoe brands include Nike, Adidas, Puma, and many more. They are known for their quality and designs that are sponsored by most sports. As quoted from ‘MarketTutor’, ” Nike is one of the most popular sportswear brands in the world, and its shoes are worn by athletes in almost every sport.” supports what I said. Nike is one of the top brands out there whether it’s shoes or clothes. As stated from ‘MarketTutor’,  

Nike stands tall, securing the first spot on our list with a whopping net revenue of €36 billion as of 2021.” Now that’s a lot of money! And next to Nike is Adidas. Adidas is up there with Nike for the same reasons, quality and design. As also said from ‘Market Tutor’, Adidas, is known for its quality shoes that look good and perform even better.” supports that not only do they look good but have performance benefits whether it’s running or just comfort. 

Personally I’d say that Jordan’s are on top of the list which is owned by Nike. Jordan’s are very well known and are worn by many people. They are a little expensive varying from $200-$1000+, and to some they are more than just shoes. Many people buy Jordan’s as collectible’s because of the values that they hold. 


This is only 2022’s fashion trends as they are most likely to change throughout the years. Fashion might not be the most important thing to people but it’s one of those things that are just nice to know. Fashion trends change from time to time depending on what media displays.