Lets Meet the New Teachers at SPASH!


New SASH Mrs.Dulak helping new students photo credit -Natalie Cisewski

Natalie Cisewski, Hour 2

Have you ever been sitting at the lunch table with your friends and they mention who their favorite teacher is and you have no clue who that is? Well with me interviewing a few of the 18 new teachers and SPASH I hope to help. 


The first new teacher I got the chance to interview was Mrs. Dulak. She is a very kind and helpful teacher. I am so lucky I got the chance to interview her. A little bit about Mrs.Dulak is she is an ELL (English language learner) teacher. Mrs.Dulak helps students who originally speak a different language than English. If she could travel anywhere in the world she’d like to travel anywhere warm. She is a tropical kind of person. Mrs.Dualk  “loves warm weather and beaches’ ‘beaches.” In her free time, she likes to go on ATV rides with her family, they have named their ATV Ruby because it’s red. She also likes to read, cook and bake, loves spending time outdoors, and loves listening to music. It is a very big part of her life. One of Mrs.Dualks first impressions of SPASH was that 1600 kids were a lot of kids compared to the school she worked at before. One thing Mrs.Dulak was surprised with during the first few weeks at SPASH was the students’ maternity level and how independent students are. When asked if the SPASH staff was welcoming to her, she responded with “Absolutely, one of the most welcoming staff she has ever worked with!”. So thank you Mrs.Dulek for letting me interview you. 


Another teacher I interviewed was Mrs.Barber, she is a math teacher who teaches Algebra 1 and AP statistics. In Mrs.Barber’s free time she enjoys playing golf and tennis. She also likes to cook and garden in her free time. If Mrs.Barber could live anywhere it would be on some lake in the midwest. Mrs.Barber really enjoys boating, fishing, and skiing and the midwest has a taste of all these seasons. One of Mrs.Barber’s first impressions of SPASH was the layout of the building. It was a bit confusing on her first day but after a while she got it. One thing Mrs.Barber was surprised by was the size of the student parking lot and how fast kids can get out of it. “Amazing what teenagers can do when they all are working towards a common goal- leaving school”. When asked if the staff here at SPASH is welcoming she said yes she loves working with everyone. So thank you to Mrs.Barber for letting me interview her. It was very nice getting to know her!


Mr.Bey is a tech ED (Intro to Machining, Intro to CAD, Woods 1, & Small Engines)  at SPASH. Mr.Bey’s dream place to live if he could live anywhere would be Bora Bora because of the tropical weather and being able to swim with the fish. One of Mr.Bey’s first impressions of SPASH was that the school is “huge” and has so many students. Something that did surprise him this school year was how much preparation it takes to prepare for a class considering this was his first year teaching. When asked if the staff members were welcoming Mr.Bey replied “yes, each week there seems like a new staff member introducing themselves”.  So thank Mr.Bey for letting me interview him. It was very nice to meet him. 

Overall all the new teachers at SPASH feel welcomed by the staff. So everyone who didn’t know how to start a conversation with your teacher because you didn’t know much about them well knows you do so feel free to start a conversation with them. And now you might recognize the teacher your friend is talking about at lunch.