High School Relationships Are Toxic

Image credit -Business Insider

Image credit -Business Insider

Jazlyn Cipriano, Hour 1

There are other aspects in High School that may peak your interest other than just the school work. You see someone in the hallways that maybe you haven’t seen before and now you walk through the same route just to see them, you start talking to them, getting to know them slowly and now you’re in “love”. Than Into a relationship. If only it was that easy? I argue High school Relationships are glorified but in reality they are a waste of time.

What do students have to say about love in SPASH? This google survey was taken by students who answered questions about relationships at this age in High School. A question that was asked was 

“Are you in a relationship?”

Statistics show in this question that out of 59 responses 28.8 percent is in a romantic relationship and another 28.8 percent isn’t [example]. The remaining is either complicated or considered as a situationship. This shows only a smaller portion of students in SPASH had been recorded as data of being in a relationship.

How long has this romantic entanglement been going on for?

Survey shows 37.3(22 students) percent have been together for a year or longer together, 30.5(18 students) percent is about 2-8 weeks together. Surprisingly to me that the majority of these high school relationships have lasted a year and over. 

 Is your relationship toxic?

 Many aspects can make a relationship, a negative aspect is toxicity, the question is the understatement if you know whether it is or isn’t, the popular answer was “No” with 69.5(41 students) percent. Eighteen people have responded with “sometimes” that’s 18.6 percent.

 Do you feel safe?

This information leads with 47 out of 59 answering with “yes” that’s 79.7 percent, the question is broad however the students who had taken this survey can perceive the question however they would like.

 Do you love your partner? These results claim 31 people respond with “yes” they do love their partner, 9 people claim “sometimes”.

What do you like about your partner?

Out of all of the options that had been listed, the majority chose personality which was 72.9 (43 students) percent to be their favorite characteristic. The second highest characteristics is humor with it being 66.1 (39 students) percent. This data shows most importantly that physical features aren’t the main aspect in a romantic relationship.

How did your relationship start? 

The way relationships start are always interesting, it could happen in a way you would have never thought. These are some categories from anonymous answers; school: “I met her in science class” “Choir actually, I met my partner in Jr. High and have been with them for almost 3 years.” “I got put in his canoe for WRA [Wisconsin River Academy] and we were forced to talk to talk to each other” “We met in biology class in sophomore year and later started dating towards the end of the summer that followed”.

This survey was very accurate due to the fact it came straight from the students that go to school here at SPASH. Something that would be more helpful would be more people taking this survey. 

An anonymous interview I have taken with a past relationship, juniors in SPASH answered these questions. 

Why did your relationship end?

“They cheated on me, with the person of the opposite gender, lots of arguments, physical abuse towards the end of the relationship.”

Did you love your partner why or why not?

“Yes i loved them, they cared a lot about my feelings and our relationship, however i felt that they were getting detached due to another person in the picture, i felt that i wasn’t enough for them.”

 Was it toxic?

“I dont think my partner was toxic however i overreacted with some stuff that i may regret, and could have solved the issue with communication, so i was the main contributor.”

Did they treat how you wanted to be treated?

“They treated me how they wanted to treat me, i think i did everything i could to make the relationship last as long as i could however it just wasn’t worth fighting for.”

How long did it last?

“My relationship with them lasted as long as a year, but got rocky within the last couple of weeks  at the end because of another person in the picture.”

Long story short the way they would describe their past relationship is, it was exhausting trying to keep up with the emotions and feelings, they wish they could have been treated better instead of begging for their love, competing with someone else even though they were the partner in the relationship.

I argue High school Relationships are glorified but in reality they are a waste of time. Due to the fact that, we as students are still growing up, just realizing what we want and especially what we need in life. Glorified relationship meaning as what you see online, the cute dates, pictures together and the time together. Having your main focus on school work and getting straight A’s I would argue is more important than putting all your time into a relationship.