2022 Spash Boys Soccer


2022 Spash Boys Soccer before beating Wausau West for regionals 2-1

Diego A. Mata, Hour 1

Playing soccer on SPASH`s D1 team is harder than playing for any other high school team in the conference.  Currently this year’s team is 6-2-0 in conference and they plan to keep winning their last few games.  Early into the season they did play some big teams such as Hudson,De Pere, and Green Bay Preble.  We hope that with all of these friendly matches that we played that it will help us know how competitive other teams are that want to win to help us win mentally and physically.  And how challenging it really is to be on a high school soccer team that is D1.

What do the Coaches think of the team?

 I asked the Head Coach of the soccer team Derek Bell about how he thinks this year’s team is doing and what they are doing to get better.  He replied, ¨We had a rough start but we started to work hard and started seeing the results we wanted.  I feel like the team is ready to take it to the next platform.   We are currently trying new set plays and trying to stay on schedule and work on finishing in the attacking third of the field,”  

Following that I asked the same questions to coach Joey the assistant coach and he replied,  ”I feel like we are doing well.  We’re a new and young team.  Throughout the season we have lost some games that I know we should have won and I think it has to do with the lack of leadership and teamwork.  We have worked hard and are starting to turn that around.  We are starting to see the results that we want,”  

The coach’s Experiences with the sport

I then proceeded to ask them a little about their coaching experience and their time playing the sport.  Sarah Cebllos the other assistant coach responded with.  “I’ve been coaching for more than 20 years.  One thing I learned is that if you want to make it to that next stage you gotta want it and do everything for it.  To be honest I’ve been coaching for a long time that it’s just part of me and honestly it’s in my blood.  This is a young team so they do happen to mess around a lot but when we need to we lock in and focus,¨

I then asked the same question to one of the players EJ the goalkeeper and he responded with.  ¨I’ve been playing soccer since I was five years old and I never liked running so I became a goalkeeper.  As I grew up I ended up loving being a goalkeeper and I started to take it seriously.  That’s where I am now as the starting keeper for varsity,¨

Have they been Impacted by this year’s team?

Finally I asked the Coaches how they think that this year’s team has impacted them.  Coach Joey responded with.  ¨I’ve been here for about half a season but I noticed that you guys are very close and very cultural with each other.  I think they made it easier for me to coach because they all show up ready to practice which we can translate that same energy into games and win,¨

Following that question Coach Bell also responded with.  ¨I feel like they have made me a better person because they have made me more relaxed and excited when they’re around me. I feel like they have also made me more comfortable around them so that we can really be a united team,”

What do you think of soccer?

Some people think soccer is just a sport but deep down they don’t know how much we love it;  That we dedicate most of our day just to get better.  The environment around us is always competitive and very serious.