One Word Several Meanings

Danae Marshall


A five letter word,

A word I have known my whole life yet still feel like I know nothing about. 


Slow as a sloth, 

Never will I be able to keep up with the constant evolving. 

Trust I lack, 

anger has no control 

turning green with purple pants, 

Love in small quantities. 


tears pounding their way out, 

begging to be revealed. 

Strong for my family, 

being strong to protect

being strong rather than choosing to love. 

Does that make me weak? 

Even if I fight for what I Love? 

Charging to comfort zones 


turns my cheeks too cherries. 

Making me look like a fool, 

vulnerability is something I fear. 

turning me as cold as- 


 An 8 letter word 

most familiar to everyone else. 

A word 

the town drags down the concrete of their driveway on garbage day, 


A word 

passed down to the apple 

that fell far from the tree. 

Danae Marshall 

what makes me, me. 

Danae Marshall 

Two words, 

one name, 

several meanings.