Changes Hold Awoken Overlaps End

Yue Pheng Thao

Within the silent a new world opens, full of noises as I was in some western shows

Awaken my true inner feeling senses.  As now I awoke with a million pound dumbbell in my hand struck to the ground as it was a Mjollnir Impossible to be carried by such a Mortal.

Time moves on quickly as cronus prepares me for new timelines. Waddled with only a stick finding different cultures that I fairly recognized to develop in for my own timelines as everything in the past teaches differently as I felt the unfamiliar,  which is odd.

Than Silent voice-s… all I could hear through those times, 

until I, as myself, everyone has differents with skills that represent with our probability

swoOOsh, secondly quietly awoken,

Figuring ¨humm¨ through voices I heard, sleeping was actually the best I could do for the positive part of my journey, cause I only wishes that would make times quicken approached me with a different timelines I would enjoy

Only now, my mother speaks in words I couldn’t possibly understand.

Lack studied communication with others, siblings only knowing and comfortable with languages that are most understandable, hearing from media, socials, friends.

“Trying to teach me something?”, Positive side wasn’t sure how to explain over a book of words understandably the differences of intellectual peoples making everything up as they pass through advancely thinking people should definitely learn this more cause it just “WORKS” understandable with language that shouldn’t be an issues hopefully in the future as then most could finally communicate. 

“Then how about talking with Animals!?” Then I suppose it is like talking with quiet kids who only used side language or so I guess mainly I was wrong…  

As now it was like battling with my doppelganger, who seems to cheese through every chest piece, surrounded with mountains corning my King as I accidentally put my Queen only protecting the pawn. 

Showing how nice of a person I’m protecting my soldier’s,

Though I guess sometimes sacrifices sometimes have to exist to achieve goals once I learned my mistake.

Racing Inside my memories to achieve better tactical acceleration 

Challenging to get back accurately, Knowing I must protect what is usually the main core that controls everything.

staring with confusion Stomping!* I only dragged myself slacking thinking of only life, though I didn’t really have many reasons to suppose to response of cycle of every time, focused with the most accurate informations

Standing as stars create nova’s billion miles away. I always thought there was a low chance that they were the only intelligent beings in this world, It was as if they were in a cycle of mystery astounding with an unbreakable past. As now I am also a very confused being, sometimes the right answers would always change once something is blown up, as dust goes to another dimension.

Seeing my own fear trembling as now with an unknown worries feeling, possessing mental thoughts inside me I felt encouraged to find more truths out of truths as it repeats again into other different answers.

As fear is just a powerful scenery illusion blocking the way through my hope. I find myself illuminated with excitements for illusions as it just something I may have built into the human brain of mine as out of fictional art.

Disregard feeling hopeless on my own thoughts through time I regardlessly felt very unsure of myself 

Though knowing Albert Einstein’s I’m very impressed with his idealist thoughts. He actually came up with impossible results, low chances of people’s might as well people may achieve out of ordinary circumstances that would possibly happen in the future unless there are humans making through others and their unique characteristics.

.Whiles I’ve still don’t have the confident with my parent relationships I’m fund with my casual self that hopefully won’t represent a diameter that would use as a invasion through memories with splatter of lusts that would bring GloRes into the limps into a reappear handled with the head as it times to bring another joy into confident; represent a life changes.

Though only seeing them busy only make me mumble myself in silent

Hiding my true feelings that I really want to split out, though lies were overcoming true feelings.

Seeing now half of me developing excuses against my own wishes.

Filling with only lies within these understandable normal emotions


Into a corrupted creation of personality!.

 Mistakenly was just another one of vivid sensory light rays misleading me.

Visuality for my own little self with no confidentiality inside me, being dragged into a contract in exchange with strangers I don’t even know.

Maybe later.

Only… feeling as the only leaf that survived throughout winter while all the others falls Into the soils of depth to emptiness & some with the gust finding there new landing where ever there guardian angels take them, as each everyone had reach their destiny to start a new birth, 

As I am still just standing there wanting to get out though it kept me only living feeling many losses of great memories I had with them.

While now every exchange it is as every year a new leaf is wandering around me, Them trying to find their true motives though every one of them… dealt with  struggles & some completed their goals with saftifytation

Though now only seeing an unrealistic smile feeling of a my doppelganger finding it true path to had taken over,

As supposed it curses would intend to make a living creation have another similarity with reality.

Still finding it as it gulf through the center of my own ocean seemingly to devour everything on my shores.

As Creatures are dry to the bone perishing with ashes as now they really had never existed again

Finally it is time to start over with another goal of reincarnation

This time one who is stronger & has hope for itselves to make his impossible dream come true

To complete his unknown little adventure.