Upward Bound

Belle Xiong-Schnitzler

“Upward Bound is a program for students whose parents either never graduated from a 4 year college and/or meet income guidelines”, said Mrs. Willems, a SPASH counselor and UB advocate. When asked how many students UB has helped get into college in the past she responded, “Hundreds!  This past year, over 70% of our graduating seniors enrolled in college after high school graduation.  We usually place between 70 – 85% of our graduating seniors in college/university every year.” 

Not only does UB help students but Kylie who is also an UB member said, “I would for sure, it is good for those who don’t know what to do after high school. They help get the financial resources and scholarships that they need to get into college”, When asked if she would recommend UB to another student. Not just this but she also explained that they help students get out of their comfort zone and help make new friends. 

Brixton answered the same questions with, “I would definitely suggest it to students but only if they are willing to push their comfort zone a little bit in order to have a really cool experience. Upward Bound is really about helping kids whose family didn’t go to college because they are less likely to go and Upward Bound is there for any questions you might have. Upward Bound is also about learning to be prepared to do a lot of it.” His answer to the second question was, “UB helps students get into college by giving them all the necessary information possible and more like the tours and presentations and help they give”. He also noted that UB is more like a family than they are friends.

Along with all of these people in UB I was invited to a presentation a couple weeks back for UB, they explained how they help people get scholarships, how to get out of your comfort zone, and most importantly take you on tours of colleges so you can see them yourself and decide if you would like to go there or not. Not only do they take you places but when they play games or do something that you’re uncomfortable with they don’t pressure you to join.

Another thing that they talked about was their tutoring program; which is kinda like a zoom but with people of all different ages that are in the UB program. Along with that they also have a 5-week-long trip in the summer that allows students to live in college dorms and live like a college student.