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Belle Xiong-Schnitzler

Belle Xiong-Schnitzler, Hour 1

Normally, you would think a student taking a journalism class would be fairly passionate about writing, or at least enjoy it quite a bit. That’s not true for Belle Xiong-Schnitzler, a junior at SPASH. When asked why she took Journalism, she replied that she had been a writer for her school newspaper when she went to PJ Jacobs. Though she didn’t love writing, she did write many articles for the newspaper at PJ’s, many of which went unpublished due to an article submission limit. When she told Mrs. White about her experience in the Patriot Press, she recommended this class. Though she was a part of her school's newspaper, she doesn’t like writing all that much; she typically only writes when she has to. So if she didn’t really like writing, why did she join the newspaper? Her response to this question was that it was to help her with her social anxiety. She thought that interviewing people would help her break out of her shell some more.

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Upward Bound

January 19, 2022
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Belle Xiong-Schnitzler