Past and future experiences for SPASH seniors

Kenize Mayer

Do the SPASH seniors know what they want to do next year after they graduate? When learning what they want to major in and if they want to go to college. It’s okay to not know what you are doing after high school, SPASH seniors are all over the board right now. They have some advice for incoming seniors and stories to tell about their experiences. 

The is Lakeland University that was uploaded to show students what different angles of the buildings look like

When asked about taking a gap year before going into college they all agreed that with the year break it would make wanting to go back to school after so much harder. Liam O’Keefe describes it as, “You get a taste of freedom during your gap year, once you take a year off you fall out of the loop” Montana mentioned  something similar to what Liam said, but slightly different.  “If I were to take a gap year I would end up not wanting to go back to school so I probably would not, and it would be hard because I want to play NCAA Division 3 volleyball.” 

Some students, on the other hand, already know where they want to go to school and where they want to study. Montana Zdroik had expressed  that she is going to Lakeland University to continue her career in volleyball and academics. She wants to major in biochemistry and minor in psychology. Quintion Martin also told me that his plan was to attend a four year university such as UW Madison or an IVY League school, to receive a top end education. Planning on majoring in Engineering. 

College and a new reality bring seniors to think

The image shows UW Madison and was also uploaded to show students what it looks like.

back to their high school experiences. Asking Liam to explain to me what his high school experience was he said, “it was fun and memorable as well but also very stressful, well trying to keep up with his grades and doing things with friends and family as well as keeping himself happy and healthy”. Quinton Martian had described it as fun and exciting because his friends had made the years special and memorable for him. 

I asked everyone what kind of advice they would give to others about college, and the rest of their high school year, and their responses were all different in their own way, but were all helpful. Liam had told me “to make sure you stay on top of your work and do what you can to not fall behind.” Montana said “to not stress about college, you will know where you want to go when you get there. If you do not enjoy your senior year it will pass by too quickly and you will miss out on all the things you can do.” Quniton explained his advice by “To make sure you take advantage of every opportunity and do everything you can with all of your ability.” 

Thinking about college can be stressful, but knowing where others are going, what they’re doing and any advice they can give you throughout the steps helps everyone in different ways.