Now I Know What I Don´t Know

Sophie Czerwonka

I hunch over my computer confused. 

I´ve never heard of compound interest.

How do I go about budgeting properly?

My eyes crept over to the next tab, hands gripping the mouse. 

Fear emerges as everything in front of me appears as if in Greek.

How could I have graduated highschool with such insufficient knowledge?

Setting up a bank account.

There’s more to a credit card than just swiping it?

What do I need insurance for, how do I buy a car, rent an apartment?

I envision a life of struggle with a college degree.

Highschool ingrained late nights and stress.

I memorized the quadratic equation but my credit score eludes me.

I know the mitochondria acts as the powerhouse of the cell but I have no clue where to find a good job.

I wish I knew how to navigate the healthcare system but instead I know how to dissect a frog.

How do I save myself from this oblivion?

Do I seek guidance?

How do I avoid the appearance of irresponsibility?

My professors, at a loss for words.

All of the skills that I now know lack in my brain swirl around like a category 5 tornado.

How can I possibly become a successful adult?

I close my computer with frustration.

Back to Netflix and procrastination I go because that’s all I know.