New A La Carte Lunch Line

Cameron Swinford

During the 2019-2020 school year we were told that there was going to be lots of construction on making a whole new add on to the school for a new commons area and a whole new lunch line. Our principal here at SPASH told us when they are done we are going to have one of the nicest lunch and commons areas in Wisconsin. 

It was a pretty rough school year with all the noise of the construction going on. It was hard to pay attention during class because it was so loud. It was so much of a distraction that some teachers couldn’t teach and had to switch room for that class hour so they could speak. But then after spring break Covid-19 hit us and we could not go to school at all. 

Our new lunch line and commons area is one of the best in Wisconsin because it is the newest one in a high school. It is also very easy to move around in because it is a whole big room instead of one single file line. We also have the best staff member that checks us out every day at the end of the lunch line. Her name is Brenda. Brenda can put a smile on everyone’s face no matter what. Some people may say seeing her is the best part of the school day. 

Some of the best parts Brenda says about being the person who checks out everyone is that she gets to be so close to all the kids and talk to all of them. But one thing she does not like about the new lunch line is that she does not get to be so close to the kids unlike the old one where everything was crammed into a tiny room and every one was super close together. That is pretty much the only thing Brenda does not like about the new lunch line.  My brother Christian says “I like it alot more than the other one because it is much more organized but it can get a little tight when everyone is in there waiting for each lunch line.”

There are plenty of reasons that Brenda likes the new one and that is because there is more space to spread things out so that they are more visible for everyone to find things easier. It also is very welcoming when you walk in it is very bright and everything is in a nice visible spot. It gives  a feel like you’re shopping at a grocery store or something. There are also TVs up above each lunch line so that we know what each one is serving. 

In conclusion everyone likes the new lunch line and commons because it is much bigger and you can get through the lines faster. There are also going to be more snack items coming soon Brenda says.