From our Russian correspondent…

Orthodox Easter diet tips in Russia


 The Mirror reporter

On April 8 all Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians celebrated Orthodox Easter which is one of the greatest holidays of the year and fasting is pretty important part before celebration. At first, you not only get closer to God observing these customs but also you cleanse your own soul because during pre-Easter fasting you are not allowed to use obscene language and do forbidden acts. Most of all fasting participants want to lose weight so it is good motivation for them!

But now I would like to tell how many Orthodox do fasting before celebration day.

On the first day of fasting and on the last Friday before Easter, people should completely give up eating. That’s such a custom!

It is forbidden to eat products of animal origin which includes any kind of meat (even everyone’s favorite fried chicken), fish and seafood (only during special days), eggs, milk and dairy, as well as baked pastry, alcohol (only during special days) and vegetable oil (only during special days).

But do not get upset, you can eat another delicious, and most importantly, healthy food. Products that religious people are allowed to use for cooking and eating are potatoes, carrots, eggplants, pumpkins, turnips, different kinds of cabbage, asparagus, peas, corn, fresh greens (you also can boil, stew and bake these veggies). Besides that, you are able to eat mushrooms, also buckwheat and rice and other types of groats cooked on the water without vegetable oil.

Traditionally you can, on Monday, on Wednesday and on Friday eat bread, fruits and veggies. On Tuesday and on Thursday you can have hot food of plant origin without oil. On Saturday and on Sunday (besides final week before Easter) you can eat food of plant origin with special oil for fasting.

But growing organisms ( I mean kids and teens) along with pregnant women are not recommended to do fasting because it could harm.

So, bon appetit!