Senioritis crushing SPASH


The Mirror reporter

Senioritis, defined by Google, is the decline in motivation and performance in the senior year of students. Some people would argue that nothing changes. Others would say the difference from all the other years is drastic.

Corey Opper, a teacher at SPASH said, “There definitely is a difference. The seniors seem to be less motivated overall. Less of them get into the lab and do their best quality work. They still do most of the work, just not as well.”

Every senior has their own opinion about the topic and they can be very different.

Trent Hamerski said, “My grades have dropped a little bit but I still do my homework and stay above B’s in my classes.”

Lexi Ford said, “My grades have stayed the same. I do everything to the best of my ability and I personally think senioritis is just a mindset that can be overcome.”

Brooke Britz said, “At the beginning of the year I felt myself putting things off and not trying as hard but then I turned it around and am now doing just as good as the past years.”

Olivia Clements said, “Being in gymnastics really helped me because it kept me active and focused. I see people around me with less motivation but I don’t let it affect me.”

Cole Wright said, “I really don’t believe in it. This is no different than any other year. I think people just use it as an excuse because they are lazy.”

Garret Kvatek said, “This year was really hard for me. I didn’t feel like I needed to do as much. My grades dropped a bit and it is hard for me to keep them up with no motivation.”

For incoming seniors, the best advice that can be given is to continue to focus. Do not fall behind on homework and keep up all the hard work you have done in the past years. Don’t let distractions hold you back from keeping your performance up. Every class matters!