Athletes and their off field behaviors


The Mirror reporter

Athletes are a big part of today’s society. They do a lot of good by bringing joy to those who enjoy going to the games. But this isn’t always the case.

Recently there have been quite a few incidents involving major sports teams and their players. Players are being accused of poor Sportsmanship toward their team name, teammates, family and themselves. How should athletes act based on how much of an impact one wrong act can make?

Recently, the Minnesota Gophers and some of the players on their football team have been involved in a sex scandal. This involved a young lady and 10 to 20 of the players. This is something that is uncalled for and something that should never happen.

“Athletes are supposed to be role models for the people around them,” SPASH senior Ethan Buechel said. This is something that is huge with just how many people look up to athletes. This can be an NFL star down to a player in high school who makes an impact in their community.

“It is foolish that someone on a scholarship to play a sport would risk throwing it all away,” senior Nathan Kozak said.

It is a problem with what big time athlete have been doing lately and it is disgusting to think that they feel they can do whatever they want. They are risking much more than just their education and position on the team. They risk respect, social status, and even their family life.

Senior Tyler Frafjord said “No one is perfect,” but added that athletes should watch what they do because of the impact it can have on them and the people around them.

There is a lot of disappointment on how some people ruin it for the rest of us. One wrong action in the world of sports changes people’s perspective on all of us. No one is perfect, but when athletes are such an inspiration to many, especially young children, why would they want to throw away the respect that is given to them?