Diggin’ the Cause reaches $10,000 goal


The Mirror reporter

The past annual Diggin’ the Cause event was once again another successful occasion.

Better than ever, the raffle baskets had amazing donations. Almost half the baskets had a dollar value greater than two hundred dollars.

Numerous people were competing to get their prizes that they invested so many tickets in.

The Diggin’ the Cause committee is very thankful for all the generous donations and money earned because they exceeded their goal of $10,000 once again this year.

“It was a great turnout and I am so very grateful to donate all that we raised for a good cause,” said Michelle Miklesh who is one of the leaders of the Diggin’ the Cause committee.

The stands were flooded with the pink t-shirts that were purchased from the volleyball team.

The committee tried something new this year and aired a real tear jerking video before the game that showed the stories of families who went through the stages of breast cancer within the Stevens Point area.

The volleyball players gave pink roses to all survivors and fighters who were or are dealing with cancer to show their appreciation.

The game against DC Everest was a nail biting experience because of the fact that each team rallied back and forth with points. Each game in the match came down to who pulled ahead on the last couple points.

There were many good attacks and plays as each teammate stepped up their roll on the team. SPASH volleyball, though, could not pull through and lost the three games in the conference match.

“Even though we took a lost, I am still very proud of my team on how well they battled against the number one team in conference. I am happy to say we gave it our all to play a game that raised money for a good cause,” said Tori Elmhorst-Koltz  who is a member of the volleyball squad.

Although SPASH volleyball girls had lost, it was still a successful night in joining the fight against breast cancer and the volleyball girls and the Diggin’ the Cause committee has high hopes for next year’s event.

“Thank you to all the kids and adults who came out and help support the SPASH volleyball team. We hope to see you all next year for some more great fun,” said Coach Elizabeth Momont-Thomas.