Reasons for School Shootings


(An image of a chart of the amount of school shootings in the past)

Leo Yang, Hour 2


Have you ever considered school shootings a huge event? Have you ever thought to yourself that school shootings just make society even worse? Over the years, school shootings in the states has become a big issue and it will only get bigger and bigger. Others might think to themselves of what is the main reason why school shooters want to shoot up a school or make violence in society. 

Possible Reasons

On a survey with thirteen answers, their responses were mostly on about them being bullied or picked on in their childhood and use violence to get back to them. There is no exact proof if this is the main reason why threats did or want to commit the crime. However, it is known that this reason is yet to be only one of them. Officer Kramer, a police officer at SPASH, said, “It’s certainly been a reason why it’s been happening especially in recent events. Especially where ones who were bullied.” In other words, events from the past, lead to a result of the threats leaving or saying some some sort of way on why they wanted to do the crime in the first place.

The Murder Weapon

Over the past few decades, the main weapons used by school threats were known as guns. Some people thought we should get rid of guns and make them illegal. Sadly, according to the second amendment,the second amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. On the survey results, only a couple answered with the choice that it was easier to own a gun on the reasons why school shootings occur. Studies show that over the years, school shootings have increased. The reason that happens was due to the chances of owning a gun were more easy. According to Officer Kramer, his thoughts were that people were the problem. Not the gun, “I personally don’t think the gun is necessary the problem. I believe the problem is more about the people who can find a way to kill others.” 

However, he does have a point. It’s about the person who was using the weapon. Because the person has a brain while the gun doesn’t. Even though school shootings still happen to this day, it is important to know that school shootings will never stop. To conclude this, you can not stop a school shooting from happening.