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Jacob Bellin, Hour 1

All About Apartments 

Everyone has been on edge about moving out. Just the sound of living with your friends and loved ones is amazing. But do you know what you actually need to move into an apartment? There are all sorts of added fees when moving other than the price to rent. It’s great to move in with other roommates. Every 18 year old wants to move out but they don’t even know how much it will actually cost them.

Finding a Place

According to Jerry Bellin, an apartment expert, “The very first thing is to plan your moving budget. How much you want to spend and what you are going to spend it on.” Most people think of it as the money you’re going to use to pay for the apartment. But you can’t forget about the money for the moving truck. or all the appliances you have to buy, and furniture you have to buy before moving. An article (7 Essential Things to Know When Moving Out) stated “Most people try to find an ideal place to live. Making sure that it is a quiet environment at night [no trains nearby, and no blasting music] no sketchy neighbors or loud stomping neighbors.” This is something that is key because you don’t want to get an apartment and not be able to sleep at night. Or be scared to walk out of the building.

Unwritten Rules

An unwritten rule is one that does not exist officially, but which people generally accept and obey. When I was talking to Jerry He said, “I needed to know what my budget was. That was the main thing. And I needed a moving truck to get my stuff from one place to another. Make sure you have found the right place and also make sure you have a steady job [making an income without losing money on the price of the rent of your apartment] so you’re not losing money.” These are all good key components of what you should keep in mind before moving. Jerry also stated, “We split it evenly and also everyone buys their own groceries so we split it as evenly as possible” this is a good way to keep everything fair and so there’s no arguing.

Cosigning on a Apartment

An article mentioned, ”If you’re just moving out, lack an established credit history, and don’t have an income that impresses your landlord, it can be challenging to convince a landlord to rent to you. Most landlords see first-time renters as a liability.” you might have to cosign so you are able to get an apartment if you do not have a credit history since that is what the landlord bases your reliability off of. ”If a friend or relative asks you to cosign on an apartment lease, should you do it? Of course, we all want to help friends and family in need, but you have to be careful when it comes to the commitment of legally guaranteeing another person’s apartment lease.” There are risks to co-signing because it could drop your credit score if your friend or family member does not pay their rent which then affects you.

The easiest way to move is to plan it all out ahead of time knowing every step you’re going to make. So that you are not loaded with extra expenses or unknown fees. Or maybe something that you didn’t know about.