2022 Elections for the Senate and House of Representatives


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Diego Mata, Hour 1

The 2022 Elections for the senate and house of representatives have just ended. Did you vote?  Well the democratic party did win the senate and the republican party has won the house of representatives.  The 2022 Elections for the senate and house of representatives had a lot of Spash students thinking on who to vote for and which party to support.

Point of view from the Republican party

 To begin, Carter Peet, a junior at Spash(Stevens Point Area Senior High School) has answered some questions about what he thinks about the elections and if he participated in them.  He replied with.  

¨I support them because I believe that the constitution is what shapes our country. That republicans have a better look into what rights people are meant to have. Whether it be freedom of speech or the right to bear arms.  Overall I feel like republicans have done more for us and my parents like them as well.¨  

Following up on the same questions Cole Anderson, another Junior at Spash answered the same questions and this is what he had to say.  ¨I support the republican party because I trust their thoughts more than the democratic and I’m fine with the results of the election.  Honestly my family supports them to so I picked it up from them.¨

Point of View From the Democratic Party

I then approached  a Junior at Spash Ej Patino and he responded to some questions about the 2022 elections.  This is what he had to say. 

¨I often hear about what bills are being passed through congress and it is mostly democrats who are creating and trying to pass bills like expanding mental health for children and free school lunch.  I am glad that we won the senate but a little bummed we lost the house of representatives.  I feel like they care more about feelings than the economy.  Most of my beliefs and values align with the democratic party.¨

Independent voters or people who don’t care

Finally On a survey I made, the top answers were people that were not interested in elections or they just were not old enough to do something.  Out of 38

From The Associated Press

responses at least 11 responses were independent.  Meaning they don’t support a specific party but they are involved and will make a choice when they have to.  

Going back to the survey, at least 10 responses were I don’t Know.  These are the people that have no interest in elections and are really bored when they hear about it.  They don’t want to invest their time into politics.

If you are old enough go vote.  It helps everybody out even if you think it’s a waste of time.  Even if you aren’t old enough to vote, go search for things and see what party best fits your beliefs.  It could be the Republican party or maybe the Democratic.  But it’s all up to you.