Boyd’s Becoming of Business – A Story of Young Entrepreneurship.



Boyd Czaikowski holding common household cleaning products that he may use during his services.

Marin Zdroik, Hour 5B

When you think of young entrepreneurship, what comes to mind? Is it your neighbor’s adorable lemonade stand? Or flashbacks to the slime selling era? Well, I think of my friend Boyd Czaikowski, a Junior at PODS. Saving for an upcoming trip, he took a chance and started a business doing house and yard work, word spread, and it’s paying off. 

Czaikowski was already working two part time jobs when he decided to start his business, Pristine Palace. His goal behind Pristine Palace, was to be a memorable alliteration that customers could visualize for themselves. In preparation for a $6,000 Wisconsin All Stars of Music Trip, a little extra cash-flow is exactly what he was looking for. He is a student that needed a position with flexible scheduling. Inspired by cleaning videos on TikTok, Czaikowski says he posted his services on Facebook and the NextDoor app and slowly began to book clients. 

While gaining clientele, Czaikowski had to remember the importance of communication and individual fulfillment. Booking most appointments through online platforms, being straightforward is the best way to ensure satisfaction for both himself and the customer.  His Father, Nick Czaikowski explained “He has a better work ethic than some of the adults I work with. If he doesn’t understand something he will ask questions and figure it out. He’s not afraid to try, he took a chance and it’s paying off,” proving his diligence. One of his regulars, Jake Lepak, observed his professionalism and promptness during work, “He was the first person I’ve hired to provide routine bi weekly cleaning… It helped me free up time,” 

Not only has Pristine Palace made Czaikowski serious profit by already covering half of his trips expenses, but it’s expanded his horizon on his future of entrepreneurship. He plans to attend Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, where he would like to major in Biology, and minor in Business so he could open his own aristocratic resort. “Every parent wants to see their kid do better than them, by the time he’s 18 he’ll be well on his way,” says Nick Czaikowski.

The accomplishments Czaikowski has been able to achieve at the young age of 16 should inspire all students to at least consider a career of self management. Nick Czaikowski advised “When you’re good at something, never do it for free,” and that’s exactly what his son is executing.